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Wellbeing Escapes can offer a wide range of options if you choose to purchase flights as part of your Wellbeing Escape. These can include the large network carriers such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic,Thai Airways, Emirates and so on. If one of these carriers is included as part of your itinerary, a link to a website where you can down load your e-ticket and/or itinerary will be included on your booking invoice along with a reference code you will need to access your booking. Information regarding your checked baggage allowance as well as the carry-on allowance will be available.

A choice of so called ‘no-frills’ airlines can also be booked through our website and call centre. Many times these carriers such as Easyjet, Monarch, Thomson, Jet2 and others offer convenient schedules to some of our most spa destination airports. When booking these carriers, 1 piece of checked baggage per customer will be prepaid as part of your total booking cost. If the airline requires a booking confirmation to be presented at check-in, Wellbeing Escapes will send that to you as part of your travel documentation. Alternatively, you will be provided a booking reference code that will allow you to check the airline website and manage your own booking.

Rules and policies can differ depending on the airline. Please be sure you read the documentation and any notices on the airline web site carefully to avoid any fees for excess baggage or services performed at the airport such as printing boarding passes.

If you have any questions regarding your flight arrangements just call or Sales Team on 020 7644 6111.

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