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What to pack for the plane


So you've booked your spa holiday (it had better have been with us!) and now you are deciding what to pack before you head off. Take some inspiration from the team about what to take on the plane and start your relaxing break on the right note...


Stella - Founder & Managing Director
Not sure about the photo but just to prove that I really do take my hot pink sleep mask and matching slippers on the plane with me! Both are super soft and comfy and did you know that magnets can activate the metabolism and improve circuation - ideal when you are couped up on a plane? The mask has 7 magnets in it so I am soaking up positive energy as I snooze and the slippers have 5 magnets in the sole so massage my feet as I pad around.

As an aside - did you know that studies have shown that magnets have a positive effect on wellbeing and health as they can speed up the body's natural healing process - interesting eh?


Anuska - Senior Wellbeing Travel Specialist & Customer Care Manager
When travelling on flights which are longer than 5 hours, I always take my luxury airplane pillow. Like most people, I find it the perfect opportunity to catch up on those much needed 30 winks and there is nowhere else to go!

I find the pillows provided by the airlines not very neck or posture friendly so I prefer to take my own and wake up feeling refreshed rather than with a crick in my neck.....


Peter - Sales & Operation Director
I take a pair of cosy socks with me and slip them on after taking off my shoes - just like the people up front in business class! I bring a bag to put my shoes into and stuff in the overhead locker so that leaves room under my seat.


Inna - Contracts & Revenue Control Administrator
I always take my ipad pre-loaded with films, television shows and music. There is nothing worse than finding yourself on a plane when you've seen most of the films or just don't fancy what's on offer as it can make for a very long flight indeed! I love my music so playing my favourites always calms me and puts me right in the holiday mood....


Natalie - Marketing Manager
I seem to be rather addicted to to Mauli's Sacred Union Scent & Dry Oil - it has the most divine smell ever. It contains 4 nutrient-rich oils and 13 essences and it feels really light. It sinks into my skin in seconds and makes it feel really hydrated which is extra heavenly in the dry atmosphere of a plane!  Try it - I promise you that you will adore it!


Helen - Product Manager 
I always take a cosy travel wrap as the air con can be pretty fierce on the plane and the blankets rather static-inducing! I find the best ones are from The Travel Wrap Company - they are worth every penny as high quality and last forever! I love the different designs and colour and would probably have the whole collection if I had my way...!  


Krasimira - Wellbeing Travel Specialist
To combat long-haul flight fatigue and minimise jet lag, I always take protein-rich snacks on-board such as almonds, crackers, yoghurt or a protein bar (Nakd Cocoa Crunch Protein bars are my favourite ones). Also, in order to stay hydrated and refreshed during the journey, I take natural coconut water to drink or ask for mineral water with a slice of lime or lemon.  





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