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anti ageing

Traditional Chinese Medicine expert, Emma Cannon, give us her tips on how to preserve your health as you get older

The Chinese are pretty obsessed with healthy ageing but not in the same way that we are in the West.  For them it is all about Health Preservation; at the heart of this is the idea that our energies are nourished on many different levels.  We are of course nourished through food, but also how we eat that food, how we feel when we eat that food and how strong our digestion is at digesting.

We are also nourished through our environment and our emotional life; good relationships nourish us, bad ones drain our energy. Our own thought processes effect how well we are and how quickly we age. Some sex is healthy, too much sex is unhealthy. It is important to breath the air as much as possible and to be in nature.  Basically it's all about balance; balance in all things and knowledge of yourself and your own limitations.

Ageing too is thought to be in part inherited from our parents. So when we are born we inherit our parents Jing; this is your ancestral health. You cannot change what you are born with but if you live a balanced life, and keep both your physical and emotional health in check, then you can protect your Jing from early decline

Here are my tips for anti ageing:
•    Eat light, eat well. live longer.
•    Eat according to your constitution, chew your food and do not worry and stress while eating.
•    Make sure your open your bowels regularly.
•    Have an open mind; better to believe in everything than nothing at all.
•    Nothing good happens after 1 in the morning; remember the importance of sleep and rest.
•    Practice forgiveness it's good for your heart.
•    Live according to your constitution (work with an acupuncturist to learn more about this).
•    Meditate and do yoga.
•    Learn to breath properly and regularly breath fresh country air.
•    Exercise, but do not exhaust yourself by over exercising.
•    Make your words and thoughts impeccable; as you age you are only as beautiful as your words and your true thoughts, so make them count.
•    Be positive and visualise positive things for yourself and for those you love.
•    Love is the most important thing; it is our true nature...

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