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Exercise Tips to Strengthen Your Core

Faye Maloney 38N Ibiza

Faye Maloney is a personal trainer with the 38°N Fitness Team at Aguas de Ibiza. No stranger to intensive physical training, from the age of three she started dancing - coming from a family of dance instructors. Faye excelled in dance, winning many championships. She then started kickboxing at the age of 18 and was selected to represent Great Britain in the British team winning two British championships and a European championship. Now based in Ibiza she shares her natural passion to teach and inspire others on the 38°N retreats...Here she gives us her expert tips on how to strengthen our core muscles, and why we should all be doing this.....

Why is strengthening your core so important?

Too many people sit at a desk for eight hours day and this weakens abdominal, pelvis hip and back muscles. Even if you don't play a sport, training your core is important to compensate for the effect of too much sitting. A strong core improves posture and balance it gives you a greater stability in the mid-section.

What does a lack of exercise do to us?

If you do not move your body enough, you are at risk for atrophy from disuse of muscles. You may develop disuse atrophy after injury that limits your mobility but you can also develop this condition from living an extremely sedentary lifestyle. Atrophy typically causes a loss of muscle tone and strength throughout your body. You can reverse the effects of disuse atrophy by increasing your core strength and physical activity and eating a balanced diet. Lack of exercise can cause obesity, high cholesterol diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other health problems.

How can people easily fit some exercise into their daily lives?

Make exercise part of your daily life. Of all the different ways to improve your physical and mental health, exercise is one of the easiest and safest methods. It is also one of the most effective. Even a little regular exercise can help ease depression, boost energy and mood, and relieve stress but you don't have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. No matter your age, health limitations, or fitness levels there are enjoyable ways to use physical activity to feel better every day.

How can strengthening your core help relive lower-back pain/problems?

By strengthening your core, exercises for your core can help lower back pain by, reducing the effect of muscle imbalances. Restore normal posture; strengthen weak stabilizer and movement muscles... Enhance the function of the fascia system. Teach the body to distribute forces appropriately. Prevent unnecessary accident injuries.

Tips to strengthen your core

Strengthening your core is one of the best ways to get fit your core muscles are mainly your abdominal muscles and spine. Here are some exercise tips to help you get a strong core reduce back pain and get strong abs:

The Plank

Lie on the floor, facing down, lift yourself. Your forearms and toes should be the only things touching the floor. Keep your whole body straight and keep breathing. Aim to hold the position for 30 seconds. Your head should be relaxed face down. Try and do this three times with a 30 second rest between each holding position.

The Floor Bridge

Lying on the floor with your knees bent feet flat on the floor , raise your hips as high as you can resting your upper back and shoulders flat on the floor and hold for 5 seconds then lower your hips, without touching the floor and then repeat . Do not arch your back. Aim to do this 10 times.

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