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5 ways to bounce into spring from healthy spa holiday experts Wellbeing Escapes

spring health tips for great spa holiday preparation

Five Ways to Bounce into Spring

Forget New Year's Resolutions, spring is a much more inspiring time to get fit and healthy! Here's how with these top tips...

1. Shop locally and organically
With all the lovely bright-green fresh local produce starting to show in the shops, it's a great time to eat a varied diet of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.  If you go organic you cut out the chemicals that your body has to work harder to eliminate from your system. Organic boxes are a great way of having delicious healthy organic food delivered straight to your door, they're local and seasonal too, so good for the planet as well as you!  

2. Get outside
There's no point being cooped up in an air-conditioned gym anymore. Rediscover that long-lost feeling of sun on your skin by taking your exercise outside. Now the sun is coming up earlier it's much more inviting to exercise at the start of the day. Some pre-work yoga can give you dynamic boost to the day, or even a jog around the park on a fresh spring morning can really refresh the spirits. Exercising in the morning is especially great for boosting sluggish circulation.

3. Hunger when you're hurried
With all that scooting about you'll be doing now you're full of spring vim and vigour it can be hard to fit healthy meals in. Try putting half of an avocado on gluten-free grain crackers, the combination of avocado and crunchy grain crackers is a perfect way to satisfy your hunger in a hurry. The avocado provides healthy fats and protein, and the crackers give a healthy carb and a nice crunch. It’s also easy to prepare. Just pick up some fresh avocados, and some natural grain crackers (brown rice, flaxseed, quinoa etc.) then you have a meal in minutes. It's a perfect thing to pack for lunch on a busy day!

4. Spring clean your home
A cluttered home is more than just an eyesore; it’s also bad for your mental health. Hoarding and excessive clutter can indicate a number of psychological problems, so what better excuse than to have a good clear-out? You will be amazed at how better you feel afterwards, plus you will have rid your home of unwanted bacteria and parasites, and burned calories in the process - bonus! 

5. Make the most of those extra-holidays
Make the most of any extra annual leave that you have to use up before April by fixing them around Easter or Bank holidays to maximise your time. For some inspiration have a look at our Discover & Unwind range of Luxury Spa Holidays.

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