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Ian Marber's Bikini Diet

bikini diet

Ian Marber, leading nutritionist, gives Wellbeing Escapes an inside scoop on how to get a bikini body for summer

What is the ultimate pre spa holiday bikini diet? 
The best way to shape up is to take your time and not crash diet. You might lose a few pounds but one good meal on holiday and you will gain it all back again, and more. Eat little and often. Always combining a little protein with complex carbohydrates creates a consistent level of glucose in the blood which minimises hunger and helps keep us fuller for longer.

What to ditch?
We all know that fresh produce is good for us, that's hardly news, but when toning up I suggest avoiding juices but eating the whole fruit or vegetable instead. The fibre content will help control blood glucose levels.  Refined sugars have no place in any healthy diet especially when toning up for stripping off on the beach, and alcohol may offer some benefits but the law of diminishing returns applies as after one glass all you do is take in calories and sugars with no benefits whatsoever.  

Stock up on
Fresh unsalted nuts and seeds are a great way to add protein to any meal. Sprinkle a few seeds on plain yogurt and berries for breakfast, or have a small handful of Brazil nuts mid morning with an apple as a snack. A few walnuts added to a salad may seem like more calories but the protein and fat slow down the overall release of glucose.  

Give it up!
Sugar in all its forms. I don't care if its brown, organic or even fair trade, sugar creates glucose too rapidly, the excess is stored as fat whilst increasing hunger and leading to fatigue.


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