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I'm nervous about a holiday on my own - will I be the sad single?


I'm nervous about a holiday on my own - will I be the sad single?

This is an understandable concern but in fact around 70% of our clients travel solo and once you've done it once, there will be no stopping you! Our destinations have been carefully selected to be very welcoming to single and many have 'community' tables at meals times which you can join if you fancy some company.

And for the record, there is nothing sad at all about being single...!

A spa holiday or fitness holiday is perfect for solos because they are nurturing by nature so someone will always be ‘looking’ out for you – far better than being alone in a faceless hotel!

You will have a wellbeing programme to follow once in your resort so will have a daily routine (no time to feel at all bored or alone!) and will be interacting with the wellness experts throughout the day. No doubt you’ll swap notes with fellow guests as you wait for your treatments or as you join in exercise classes so you are guaranteed not to be alone unless you want to find a quiet corner to curl up with a good book or think big thoughts!  

Lots of people travel by themselves for a variety of reasons such as wanting to address a particular health issue, have some time to reflect, rejuvenate before starting a new job or project or simply because friends or a partner can't take the same time off - going solo does not make you a sad individual!

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