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5 Top Travel Health & Beauty Tips

Health  Beauty Travelling Tips

Keep Healthy In Flight & On The Go

Just the thought of flying is enough to send our stress levels soaring: getting everything packed, long waits at the airport, humiliating customs procedures, sardine-can cabins and fears of flying can all leave us feeling exhausted. Add to that the physical tolls of cabin air drier than the Sahara, popping ears, and hours of sitting in cramped chairs with someone’s seat back in your lap and you’ll appreciate why we’ve put these tips together to help us survive when we take to the skies.   

1. Look after yourself on the flight

This means drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and getting up to stretch your legs. You can even do some stretching exercises in your plane seat to keep your circulation going. Try these:

•    Standing in the aisle, stretch your calves by taking a large step back with one leg and reaching into the floor with your back heel.
•    Also while standing, stretch your torso and back by twisting gently from side to side.
•    Then, when seated, stretch your arms, shoulders, and upper back by extending one arm overhead, bending it, and placing your palm against your shoulder blade. You can use the other arm to increase the stretch.

2.  In flight Spa

If you’re feeling really in the mood to take care of yourself you can turn your time on the flight into a spa opportunity. Take small sample sizes, or decant your favourite products to take on board, clean your face first (airports are grimy) then treat yourself to a rich-hydrating face mask. Keep it on for the duration of the flight, pop on your eye-mask and get some shut-eye. Just before landing wash it off. The mask will lock the moisture in your skin during flying, and you’ll arrive at your destination looking refreshed and revived.

3. Don’t let jet-lag ruin the first few days of your holiday!

If you’re careful you can minimise it by synchronising your body clock before you travel. If you're travelling east, try going to bed earlier for a couple of nights. If you're travelling west, go to bed later. When you get on the plane set your watch to the timezone of your destination and either sleep or stay away as appropriate. When you arrive at your spa resort try and get in a short session of moderately intense exercise which may help reset your body clock.

4. Take some good digestive enzyme supplements

Getting a dodgy tummy is one of the most common travel-related problems we can experience. This can be caused by eating unfamiliar foods with too much sodium in. Give your tummy a fighting change and take some good digestive enzymes tablets (available in any good health-food shop) which will help break down and digest the food you eat. A strong gut will boost your immune system against all those airplane germs too!

5. Pack some herbal tea bags in your carry-on bag

Caffeine is a no-no if you’re feeling a bit anxious, and it’s also dehydrating, but the options for a herbal alternative are few and far between. When the flight attendant comes around with drinks, ask for a cup of hot water and dunk the tea bag that you've already brought! The herbal tea will soothe your travel jitters and relax you enough so you can get some sleep on the plane, arriving refreshed.

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