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Is Wi-Fi stressing you out?

Environmental Stress

Is Wi-Fi stressing you out?

Everyday technology in our homes can spread radiation and deplete our energies. With the truly addictive nature of technology, our anxiety levels are through the roof and stress-related illnesses are becoming common place. It's no wonder that breaks from our phones and other devices are being positively encouraged and digital detox retreats are a growing trend.

Your stress may be manifesting in a variety of ways. Perhaps you suffer from insomnia? Are tired a lot? Never feel quite 100%? Snap easily at people? You could blame these conditions on so many things but there is another health hazard contributing to our already high stress levels and it's coming from our homes, our phones and our convenience gadgets. EMFs – Electric Magnetic Fields – and EMRs – Electric Magnetic Radiation.

Nicola Massey, Founder of Health On Your Doorstep and health and wellbeing expert, shows us how we can reduce the risks.

Be Aware of the Daily Stressors 

Naturally sources of EMF/EMR can be emitted from the sun, but it is the manmade sources of EMR that are the main problem. They are emitted from everyday objects: microwaves, mobile phones, WIFI, computers, power lines, electrical alarms clocks, televisions, hoovers, hair dryers, remote controls, baby monitors, cordless phones, energy saving bulbs, general appliances and are potential hazards that continually bombarded us. EMF's occur when a field of energy is created by an electrically charged object. So where you have the need for electricity, you will have EMF/EMR. EMRs are a form of radiant energy released by certain electromagnetic processes. We can't see it and often we can't feel it until you become sensitive to it, which is a growing problem. As an example, Lloyd Burrell from Electric Sense became very sensitive to EMF's back in 2002 and suffered for years. His body were so receptive to the ever-present EMFs in our environment that he regularly suffered constant headaches, joint pains, ears aches, deteriorating eyesight, high blood pressure and a constant state of fatigue. The connection happened when he was on a call on his mobile phone and experienced searing pain in his head.  He removed the EMF's from his environment and got better. Using a variety of techniques to combat his exposure he's now living his life again.

Choose Safe Alternatives 

Consider turning off your WiFi and phone when not in use. Find product alternatives that don't emit EMFs like a battery operated alarm clock - very retro cool and much safer! Use a corded landline instead of your mobile. Never use a mobile close to or touching your body and keep them well away from kids. Use airplane mode setting for children when using hand held devices. Use dLAN cables instead of WIFI which is actually faster (yes it's a faff but you managed before just fine....).

Get Grounded 

One of the best solutions to EMF exposure is getting away from it all and grounding yourself. Why do people always feel so great on holiday? The sea with its salty solution is the perfect choice to removing the excess charge in our bodies. You may find you sleep better on holiday and generally feel better too. Maybe it's partly because you have less EMF stress, light pollution and you have got in touch with yourself again and become more grounded. So kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Go on. A perfect excuse for a healthy, spa break!

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