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Stella Photi
Founder & Managing Director

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Stella founded Wellbeing Escapes 10 years ago when she saw a growing need in today’s hectic world for people to take time to recuperate from their busy lives. Quite the jet-setter, Stella has visited over 54 different countries and has tried well over 100 different treatments. It’s fair to say that Stella certainly knows a thing or two about wellbeing travel and has lent her expertise to many different media publications as well as being a leading member of the International Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

Favourite Healthy Holiday: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
Favourite Fitness Activity: Walking in nature is a great stress reliever and I make sure that I walk my dog Louis in the park for least 30 minutes daily. I also love dance classes, especially Latin Dance or Zumba. They are really energising and keep the brain working as you have to remember and learn all the new routines.
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Meditation. Even if it is for just 10 minutes. If you lead a busy and stressful life it is a life saver.
Favourite Treatment: Shirodhara
Favourite Place in the World: That's a tough one – Bali or India...
Top Travel Tip: Once you get on the plane do a 10 minute meditation. Concentrate on your breathing - inhale for a count of 5, hold for 1 second and exhale for 5.  This will relax and put you in a good state of mind to start your Wellbeing Escape. 
Life Motto: ‘Everyone deserves a little Wellbeing...’

Peter Stearn
Sales Director



Peter came to Wellbeing Escapes in 2005, joining his business partners Stella Photi and Robert Keysselitz. Having always been involved in lots of team sports and fitness as well as having travelled extensively, Wellbeing Escapes is a great fit. He grew up in Southern California and came to London on a 3 year job 1997. Asked if he has settled into London finally, Peter says: "I don't think London ever lets you settle anything, but it is a great place to live and work."

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Italy
Favourite Fitness Activity: Hiking, the more challenging the better!
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Stop and breathe, so simple, so good
Favourite Treatment: Watsu, if you have ever done it, you'll know...
Favourite Place in the World: I have been lucky to visit a lot of fantastic places, but I am not sure there is a better area than the California coast south of Monterey
Top Travel Tip: Pack light and take your music
Life Motto: “Done is better than perfect.”

Helen Greenhow
Product Manager

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Helen has the tough task of jetting off to source the hottest new Wellbeing secrets. With a giant smile and an eye for detail, there’s no one better to negotiate the exclusive offers that make Wellbeing Escapes the best option. She's is a natural born traveller with the patience of a saint, just ask her about her years as a tour leader! Helen has also completed a naturopathic nutrition course at CNM in London and enjoys sharing her knowledge with our property partners when forming partnerships and creating health-boosting programmes.

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Phuket Cleanse, Thailand
Favourite Fitness Activity: Impossible to choose between skiing, Ceroc dancing and running - I've slogged my way through the London Marathon and several half-marathons; it's good to have a goal and always helps to train with friends too!
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Yoga - it creates a great feeling of balance.
Favourite Treatment: Reflexology
Favourite Destinations: France, Thailand & New Zealand
Top Health Tip: Hot water and lemon in the morning to flush out toxins - and it's a really good way to take in vitamin C.
Life Motto: "It's not aptitude but attitude that gives altitude."

Natalie Loughran
Marketing Manager



Natalie has a real passion for travelling and loves nothing more than mulling over her next destination, planning the itinerary and working out all the logistics.  She's been all over the globe and thinks it's very cool that her passport has a stamp from Timbuktu. She lived in Paris for a year recently which was a dream come true and totally loved every moment especially the 'nothing stands in the way of sitting down to lunch' mindset!

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Ananda in the Himalayas, India
Favourite Fitness Activity: Walking – striding out definitely unclutters my mind.
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Yoga – particularly the breathing part.
Favourite Treatment: Shirodhara
Favourite Place in the World: India - the colours, the chaos, the beauty.  
Top Travel Tip: Smile and chat to everyone – part of the joy of travelling is the randomness of who you met along the way.
Life Motto: ‘Life is for living’ - so get out there and grab every moment.

Anuska Vidal
Senior Wellbeing Specialist



Anuska left tropical St Maarten for the excitement of London. With one of the best chuckles in the business and 16 years travel experience Anuska, or Nush as she's affectionately known, is our Sales Superstar (our feefo shows her glowing client-reviews). Nush has been at Wellbeing Escapes for 4 years - “I’m practically part of the furniture!” she says with her signature chuckle...

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Thailand
Favourite Fitness Activity: Muay Thai Boxing
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Pilates
Favourite Treatment: Thai Massage
Favourite Place in the World: There are too many to choose from but if I had to narrow it down it would be Dominica, Thailand or Morocco.
Top Travel Tip: Never leave booking until the last minute and think you are going to get the cheapest deal! Not only is it often more stressful, if you leave it until the last minute, all of the cheapest flights are fully booked.
Life Motto: “You never know until you try”

Krasimira Hadzhinesheva
Wellbeing Specialist





Krasimira was born by the Black Sea coastline in the beautiful town of Burgas and discovered a love of nature and the outdoors from an early age. She has travelled extensively and believes that there is no better way to rejuvenate, relax and refocus mind, body and soul with travel and adventurees which combine self-discovery and new horizons. This naturally led to her becoming a travel specialist and she very much enjoys helping clients to find their perfect holiday match. 

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Carnoustie Ayurveda Resort
Favourite Fitness Activity: I was born by the seaside and love to jog on the beach and swim in the sea as well as hike in the mountains and generally be active outdoors. I enjoy a walk in the morning to start my day with energy and positivity.
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Mindfulness
Favourite Treatment: Aromatherapy massage
Favourite Place in the World: Italy because of the blend of the Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful landscape, art, architecture and culture. Norway's fjords also took my breath away.
Top Travel Tip: Turn off technology and tune into holiday mode. A change in routine and scenery will benefit your health and restore balance to your mind and body. Travel light and don't forget to have lots of laughter and fun. 
Life Motto: ‘You can't do it unless you imagine it'.

Inna Gasimova
Contracts & Revenue Control Manager

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Inna is our systems whizz kid. With a mind mathematically wired for numbers she diligently ensures all of our contracts are ship-shape, trouble shooting any hiccups and ensuring all of our amazing offers are in place. A talented linguist too, Inna travelled to the UK from Azerbaijan in 2002 and speaks three languages, Russian, English and Azerbaijani. This is one very impressive lady!

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Villa Eden, Italy
Favourite Fitness Activity: Swimming and walking. I love to take long walks along the Thames with my family!
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Curling up with a good book and reading, especially about history, knowledge keeps the mind sharp and active.
Favourite Treatment: A deep tissue massage to work out all the knots in my shoulders.
Favourite Place in the World: Paris, France is just so fun and Azerbaijan for the food, sea and people.
Top Health Tip: Don't wait until something is wrong before you get a treatment. Prevention is better than cure!
Life Motto: It's all about a healthy balance

Office Dog

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Lovable rogue, Louis, aka King Louis, loves flirting with the office ladies and can be found snoozing under desks. Apart from raiding bins, or imploring you to play, Louis likes to attend meetings; they help him sleep. Louis’ top skills include sitting, doing paw, and looking adorable. While not as well travelled as the rest of the team, he's partial to a dip in the sea when he gets the chance.

Favourite Healthy Holiday: Barking Bubbles Spa
Favourite Fitness Activity: Raiding Bins - you never know what exciting treasures you might find.
Favourite Wellbeing Activity: Doga (doggie yoga!)
Favourite Treatment: Pet-icure
Favourite Place in the World: The Park: chasing sticks and meeting other dogs - it's heaven!
Top Health Tip: Roll on the floor for as many cuddles as possible
Life Motto: “Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation.”

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