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Travel Blog - Sen Wellness, Sri Lanka


Are you thinking of heading off on a wellbeing holiday and quite fancy the sound of Sri Lanka? It's certainly 'in vogue' at the moment and with good reason - it's a stunning country with warm and friendly people. Our client, Hilary, headed off to Sen Wellness in Sri Lanka to do the 'Health Rejuvenation' programme.  Here's what she told us about her stay:

What were your first impressions of Sen Wellness?
When I arrived, there was an atmosphere of happiness and excitement as, in fact, a group of Icelandic ladies were departing after two weeks! They had clearly had an amazing time and there were plenty of fond farewells going on. Once inside, I was struck by how calm and inviting Sen felt and that it seemed like a very special place. It was a wonderful feeling at the very start my wellness holiday!  

What do you think makes it so special?
I would have to say the people as they are so kind and welcoming. Also, it doesn't have a hotel-like environment - it's just very open and relaxing. The place has a wonderful 'natural' feel to it - you can hear the waves on the nearby beach crashing to the shore and the small monkeys in the trees around you. It's absolutely beautiful!


What was your favourite activity?
I was initially quite daunted at the thought of being woken up at 5.30 am for morning yoga on the beach but it was really magical. It began in semi-darkness and then, after a short time, the glorious sun began to break through. That, alongside the crashing waves was a truly amazing start to the day! Similarly, going down to the yoga studio at the end of the day when the sun was setting was beautiful too. The real treat was the Buddhist monk who came afterwards and did some meditation with us - a very special experience.

How was the food?
One word - 'stunning'!  Everything was freshly cooked for every meal. It was totally delicious and you just knew that it was incredibly nourishing as well. The presentation was beautiful and we all ate together at a communal table which made for a fun time. It was lovely to swap stories with everyone else and find out what had brought them to Sen too. There was an excellent dynamic within the group who were there at the same time as me and I really enjoyed their company. 

Any ‘insider’ tips to share with us?
There's plenty to do in the surrounding area so just ask the team for recommendations or let them know what you like doing and they can arrange. The nearby beach is stunning to sit on and I loved heading down there. The sea is a bit too rough for swimming alas! I think in time they will build a pool and that will be a great addition.  


Would you return and why?
Honestly, I would return at the drop of a hat! It was such a wonderful experience with added health benefits too of course. I loved my programme which included a daily, personalised Ayurvedic treatment as well as Ayurvedic full board, twice-daily yoga classes, daily meditation and group excursions. There's also weekly cookery class which was really enjoyable and I have some great new recipes to try now!

I would like to see more of Sri Lanka next time as it has so much to offer and I feel I have only just touched the surface. The perfect excuse to return...

Who would you recommend Sen Wellness to?
I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Ayurvedic medicine and the treatments that complement the medicine. Plus, anyone who is interested in practising their yoga and meditation skills – Sen Wellness excels at both. 

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