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Paying Lip Service


Lips Kiss


Cold weather can play havoc with your lips – follow our top tips to be kissalicious at all times!

  • Up your intake of water – dehydration can cause your lips to crack to get glugging.  Try and drink a couple of litres a day and keep a bottle in sight as it will encourage you to drink every time you look at it!

  • Move away from the lip balms – they stop your lips from absorbing moisture so much better to use good old Vaseline.  Put a big dollop on before bed time and wake up to soft lips - not great for your pillow case but what price beauty?

  • Exfoliate with sugar and honey to get rid of flakiness – combine the ingredients to make a paste and gently apply with a flannel or your fingers.  Massage in and leave on for a short while before rinsing off with warm water.  Put some Vaseline on afterwards.  

  • Take in vitamin B, iron and essential fatty acids via your diet – think whole grains, tofu, leafy greens oily fish and seeds.  Beauty comes from within and all that jazz.


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