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Pilates Tips for Office Health, David Higgins

pilates tip

Pilates expert and Evening Standard Fitness columnist, David Higgins, gives us his tips for keeping your back healthy at work.

Improve your Seating Position at Work
I’m sure our ingrained cultural obsession with upright posture is less a concern about prevention of chronic injuries, and more of a hangover from more class-conscious times when an upright, confident posture was an indication of someone’s power, position and breeding. But wherever it came from, however anachronistic and un-Aussie it may be, it’s one cultural habit I’m happy to promote. Nowadays however we find ourselves standing less and sitting more. Because of this, chronic postural injuries are increasing rapidly – they’re now one of the leading causes of absence from work.

Here’s a quick and easy postural resetting routine that you can use both at home and at the office.
•    From your chair, reach up hold your hands above your head and then lean to either side for a good 30 seconds. Then lean back (carefully!) and stretch your legs out in front. Hold this full body stretch for no less than 30 seconds.
•    Then get up and move around, take a short walk to the tap or water cooler and have a glass of water. A perfect two-birds-one-stone - you’re improving your posture and hydrating at the same time.
•    Try and do both these things every hour. However, it’s easy to forget, so here’s one last quick tip: every time the phone rings or, if you’re driving, you’re stopped at a red light, use it as a cue to sit up straight.

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