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QMS Facial Explained!


The healthy ageing treatment called QMS

You might not have heard of QMS, so let us explain! Dr. Erich Schulte set up his lab in 1993 to research the process of skin damage and how it's treated. He said "Skin reflects the accumulated damage of the environments and neglect it has been exposed to. This damage persists in the form of scarring seen as marks on the skin and changes in texture. The aging appearance of the skin is also due to lack of collagen, as production of collagen slows down with chronological aging."

Through research, Dr. Schulte found that collagen was highly significant in wound healing. He knew that if he could find a way to reintroduce collagen into the skin then scar formation would be reduced and skin could be regenerated. QMS is an amazing new formula for skin as it rejuvenates, nourishes and  hydrates your skin leaving it looking radiant and soft. 

There are different types of QMS treatment:

QMS - Skin Recovery Facial

An express treatment that provides an instant remedy to help calm, moisturise and soothe skin and is designed to restore the ski from high altitude sun or windburn. Following a deep cleanse, a soothing algae mask is applied which provides instant relief from stresses to the skin.

QMS - Oxygen Treatment

This is one of the top anti-ageing facials and the treatment has been developed to channel ingredients effectively and intensively into the skin using a QMS customised, oxygen energy applicator. The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates a regenerative process. It is one of the most effective treatments as the skin profile is immediately improved.

QMS - The Body Treatment

Ideal for firming and contouring the lower body, this highly stimulating treatment increases microcirculation and oxygen in the skin while boosting cellular metabolism. This body conditioning treatment is of particular benefit to areas prone to cellulite (stomach, hips and thighs). The results of this treatment are apparent in a short time and maximum benefit can be achieved with the use of Body Shape at home as an after-treatment product.

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