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SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain - Intensive Detox programme


SHA Wellness Clinic, located near Alicante in Spain, is an excellent choice if you are looking to do an intensive programme with visible results within a short time frame. Tiredness and stress (to name a few problems) can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body so expelling them will lead to a brighter, energised you! You will be totally guided by the team at SHA Wellness Clinic when you do our 'Intensive detox programme' so can be assured that it is safe and effective. The programme includes: 

  • General medical check-up
  • Initial Clinical Analysis
  • Medical Consultation at the beginning & end of the programme
  • Consultation with nutrition & natural therapies expert at the beginning of your programme
  • Generic & rejuvenation consultation
  • Personalised SHA diet and daily therapeutic natural beverages as prescribed
  • 1 x Introductory Class Assessment & Advice with Personal Trainer
  • 3 x Personal Trainer Session (Fitness Class, Electro- stimulation, Pilates, Yoga or Aqua gym)
  • 2 x SHA Detox massage
  • 2 x Detox Hydroenergetic Healing Session
  • 2 x Acupuncture Session
  • 2 x Physia or Indiba Session (the first and only non-invasive regenerator with immediate effect to improve skin tone, cellulite reduction and wrinkle visibility reduction)
  • 3 x Hydro-colon Therapy Session
  • 1 x Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  • 2 x Pressotherapy Session
  • 1 x Detox Seaweed Wrap Session
  • 1 x Ginger Compress Session
  • 2 x Cryotherapy Session
  • 1 x Ozone Therapy or Serotherapy Session
  • 1 x Personalised Facial Treatment (Facial Saho, BDR or Red Carpet)
  • 1 x Hammam Session
  • 1 x Wrap Shrinking Violet
  • Use of SHA's Aqua Lab Circuit as recommended by the Consultant
  • Access to Daily Activities at SHA Life Learning Centre - Walks, Yoga, Tai Chi, lectures, macrobiotic cooking demonstrations)
  • Personalised and Detailed Post Treatment Health Plan

If you'd like to find out more about the programme or would like more information on SHA Wellness Clinic, please give us a call on 020 3735 7555 and we'll be happy to help further. 

Intensive Detox & Weight Loss Programme

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain 

This is an intensive programme for those looking for visible results in a short period of time. Ideal for people suffering from excess weight, fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety which can lead to the
accumulation of toxins in the body. MIN. 7 NIGHT STAY See All SHA Packages Here
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