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Spa Holidays Preparation

sunbathing is good for you on a luxury spa holiday

At Wellbeing Escapes, we really do want you to get the most out of your holiday and to return not just rested and relaxed, but glowing and full of new intentions. We know that the weeks and days leading up to a holiday are often stressful, as you try to get everything done before you leave. Try not to push yourself too hard, you will only be away for a few weeks and the world will still be there when you return. To help you cope with pre-holiday stress, here are a few of our hopefully helpful hints.


We are avid list-makers because they act as a reminder for all the things you want to do before leaving home. It should include everything from buying new knickers, handing over documents at work to the telephone number of the kennels where your dog will be staying. We find that once committed to paper or an i-Phone, it’s easier on the brain. Also list everything you need to take away, from passport to perfume.

Home Sweet Home

Definitely don’t try and leave your home spotless before you go on your spa holiday. Yes, it’s nice to come back to a clean place but it doesn’t need to look like a show home; it will only gather dust while you’re gone. Ditto with the laundry; just prepare the clothes you want to take with you (and save any ironing for when you’re away – it crumples in the suitcase anyway).

Prepare Your Body

This is particularly important if you’re heading for a detox or weight management break. Aim for an early start on what’s ahead of you by having your final evening meal at home before 7pm, making sure it’s low in carbs. This allows your digestive system time to work before bedtime, resulting in better quality of sleep. It also helps those who push themselves with an extra workload before departing, and arrive exhausted, wasting the first few days of their holiday having to just sleep to recover.

Protect Your Body

The answer to most things is water; drink lots of it, especially when you’re travelling or tired, to keep you hydrated. If you’re heading off anywhere near mosquito territory, prepare in advance by taking Vitamin B complex supplements a month before you depart. Mozzies hate whatever smell they emit. Also avoid eating foods high in potassium (such as bananas) as this attracts them. Be sure to takes some essential oils; lemongrass and citronella are good repellents, lavender will not only help take away the sting and any itching but will also help you sleep, while tea tree oil is good for bites, cuts and acts as an all-round antiseptic.

Pack Light

It’s quite usual to be provided with ‘spa wear’ at Destination Spas for you to lounge around in, wear to holistic classes or take to the spa. These garments are comfortable and practical, such as Indian Kurta Pyjamas or Thai Fisherman Pants, with fresh sets provided each day. This means you don’t have the stress of what to wear, you can blend in with your fellow guests, avoid getting your own clothes stained with massage oil, and best of all, you can travel light, packing only the essentials.

Jet Lag

Our suggestion is to try and slot onto the time frame of your destination as soon as you step on the plane, so if that means you should sleep, then try and do so. This will really help kick-start the adjustment. Make sure you continue to drink lots of water and try and get some sun on the back of your knees, when you arrive.

Suncare & Aftercare

Our mantra? Always treat the sun with care and reverence. Avoid being in the full glare of a midday sun, always wear sun protection lotions, try to keep your face out of the sun, wear a hat and don’t miss the knobbly bits, like ankles, knees and toes, which are often forgotten in the great slathering process. But if you do, Pure Aloe Vera gel is excellent for soothing sunburn...


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