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Spa holidays with running


Do you love your running and part of the joy of a fitness holiday is the opportunity to get your trainers out and discover new running paths or scenic routes? Or are you training for a marathon or similar and need to get some kilometres under your belt or work on your time? Or perhaps you'd like to get into running as you've read about its multiple benefits and just need a stretch of time to get into it once and for all plus pick up some useful tips from an expert?  Whatever your level, running is a brilliant stress-buster and it's been proven to help with depression too. So what are you waiting for - take a look at our TOP 5 destinations below that will inspire you to run to your heart's content and head off soon!  Please call us on 020 3735 7555 if you would like some furthe advice.

Flexible Fitness Douro Valley

Lamego, Portugal  

Enjoy a one-to-one private fitness activity daily as well as massages & a wellness screening and you’ll soon be glowing with health & vitality. MIN. 5 NIGHT STAY See All Six Senses Douro Valley Packages Here
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Detox & Fitness Retreat at Phuket Cleanse

Phuket Cleanse, Phuket, Thailand 

This is one of those rare and wonderful places that can truly transform your life. Eat nutrient-rich raw foods and relax with herbal steam sessions and massages in your own bedroom. MIN 7 NIGHTS (please add extra night for overnight flights)
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