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Spotlight on Melanie Procter, Co-Founder, Phuket Cleanse

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Melanie turned her vision for a wellness retreat into reality and believes that it was a desire with which she was born.  Read this fascinating insight into the mind of a wellbeing visionary! 

What led you to create your wellness retreat and has your vision turned into reality?

I believe I have been training for this since I was four years old – it has been a fire in me since a very early age.  My dream is a reality.

However, in many ways, I feel that I have just started the most meaningful part of this journey. It used to be food, nutrition, medicine and cooking that drove me. Now, I am getting into the personal development side.  I am studying the ancient yogic practices as they pertain to personal development.  I have not met anyone who has focused on this aspect of yoga.  I am so excited to be bringing these ancient teachings to the world. We have just opened our hot yoga studio and our aerial yoga classes. I am excited to be adding on this revolutionary side of yoga to the physical aspects of the system. Watch out world! Phuket Cleanse is going to be sharing some really revolutionary yoga systems.

What's the pattern of your day - what's the first thing you normally do?

The first thing I do in the morning is teach the mind training classes. We do some work on shifting our mental state to the most positive one we can access and then we do some meditation. It is just so damn exciting. I teach this class at six thirty am each day. It makes me the happiest person on the planet to work with people in this way so early in the morning.

What's the most frequent guest request?  What's been the most unusual request that you've had?

The number one request I get nowadays is to do hypnosis sessions. I do them for free for any client who asks. I help clients with everything from smoking cessation to confidence to emotional eating.

The most unusual request I got recently was to teach the yoga of time travel. I taught it. Now, I have an 18 year old boy here about to enter college, and I am teaching him super memory techniques and photo reading (waaay faster than speed reading). I come from an educational background so I can teach memory and speed reading. The point is I will teach anything and everything if people ask. Challenge me! Come here and ask me to teach you something outrageous. I will probably be able to do it! Challenge me!

Do you have a mantra that keeps you going when the going gets tough?

All complaints are gifts! Accept and cherish the gifts.

What's been the best moment?

The best moment....What an amazing question.  I think this one.  I am sitting here telling you about my job that is also my personal playground. How amazing is that?  The other moments that rival this are the incredible shifts my customers have.  I love the physical shifts I see like massive weight loss. Even more exciting are the mental shifts. When I have customers leave a class or a life coaching session feeling like they are limitless, I am soooooo excited. To take a care client from feeling limited to limitless is the most exciting experience.How brave they are to throw away their stories of limitation

Is there anything that you wish you had done differently?

Yes, so many! The gift of being in the hospitality business is that it is consistently humbling. Guests expect outrageous standards which is challenging for an owner to face. When you drop your defenses and accept criticism as a gift, everyday becomes Christmas.  The mistake I have had in the past is sometimes not accepting those gifts and becoming defensive. The more I accept criticism and complaint with gratitude, the more my life explodes. I highly recommend it.

Do you admire anyone in particular who does a similar job to yours?

I am really into Derren Brown, the stage hypnotist.  It would be helpful to be able to have those skills to help people to get over really entrenched limiting beliefs. I am learning these techniques.  Derren Brown is an absolute genius and I won't stop until I can take people to the same place that he can.

How do you unwind after work?  Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about?

I am a passionate researcher and writer. I can't stop reading and writing.

What's the last book that you read?

"The Yoga of Time Travel".

What one thing would surprise people about you?

That I just started to suffer from shyness.

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