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Stop Stressing, Start Living - by Toby Maguire


Stop Stressing, Start Living - by Toby Maguire from Working in Balance

There are many reasons we experience stress in life. It could be work issues, problems with family, friends, health issues or a general feeling of being completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with life.

Whatever it is we are struggling with, there are always solutions. So start gaining clarity of thought as to exactly what parts of your life are out of balance and take action to address them.

Sit down in silence and draw three columns on a piece of paper

  • In the left hand column, write down everything that is causing you stress, no matter how big or small it seems to be

  • In the middle column opposite each stressor, write down what you want to change, how you would like the situation to be resolved

  • In the third column write down what action you need to take to make that change


They say that 70% of solving a problem comes from defining exactly what the problem is and only 30% from finding a solution. So treat yourself to some “me” time now and again to think, re-assess and regain some perspective on life. 

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