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The benefits of DNA Testing for fitness and nutrition

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DNAFit is a UK based company and its founders have been involved in the DNA and Biochemical testing industries for over a decade.  Its range of tests analyse the relationship between genes, nutrition and lifestyle to provide a valuable tool for managing health and wellness.  Read what it's all about and be sure to scroll to the end for your special Wellbeing Escapes 30% discount offer!  

What's it all about?

Genetic science advancements have been able to connect certain DNA results with fitness and nutrition, to enable everyone to maximise their own personal goals using a deeper understanding of their personal genetics.  Whilst you can't of course change your genes (damn!), you can change the way that you train and eat to best suit your genetic profile.

How does it work?

It's done by a simple swab test, which you send in the post. Just rub the cotton swab on the inside of your cheek and send back with a short questionnaire.

What exactly do the results indicate?


What's so great about it?

Our genes never change, so unlike other health tests you'll learn solid and practical information to help eliminate a lot of the guess work that goes with getting fit and eating right – no more fad diets!

From a fitness angle, the test will reveal your power and endurance potential, your injury risk, recovery speed and your oxygen consumption ability.  It might suggest, for example, that you will respond better to high intensity interval training (such as Crossfit or sprints) rather than long endurance training (such as slow cardio/ running/ cycling).  It also helps guide you as to how long you need to recover between exercise training. Alongside all this, the test can signal your personal risk of injury, so that you can adjust your training accordingly to stay in top shape.

From a nutritional angle, the test will reveal the recommended ideal diet type for you, taking into account your sensitivity to carbs, fat, caffeine, salt, alcohol, lactose, gluten etc.  It will propose a 12 week eating plan with a daily breakdown of what you should eat at each meal.  It might suggest, for example, that you eat more cruciferous vegetables like kale and cabbage or that you may need to reduce your salt more than the average, even if you might be able to get away with drinking as much coffee as you like (hopefully!).

Who says so?

Fiona Golfar, editor-at-large for Vogue UK said about DNAFit in the most recent edition of the magazine "Impressively, in just over a week following their recommendations, I went down a clothes size, which convinces me that knowing your body's needs at a genetic level is a huge leap forward!" 


Enjoy 30% of Fitness Diet Pro (RRP £249) by visiting and using the code DNAWELLBEING on checkout.  Valid until 13 April 2015.

(The Fitness Diet Pro combines DNAFit Fitness Premium and DNAFit Diet Professional giving you a comprehensive set of results including a diet plan).


Making a difference in society and to the people around us is imperative to success in business today. DNAFit is a UK based company with an international presence, founded to make this difference through the commercialisation of niche medical technologies and developing a consumer understanding by removing the scientific jargon.

The founders of the company have been involved in the DNA and Biochemical testing industries for over a decade and have capitalised on this experience, to bring to you, their latest innovation “The DNAFIT range of products”

The human genome holds an extraordinary treasure trove of information about human development, physiology, and evolution and has vastly increased knowledge of how the human body works and its biological responses. With the DNAFit range of tests, DNAFit places the mysteries revealed by scientific advances in Human Genomics research in your hands by providing access to these developments in an affordable, consumer-friendly way. By analysing the relationship between genes, nutrition and lifestyle our gene tests provide a valuable tool for you to manage your health and wellness.

Using cutting-edge molecular technologies, our dedicated team comprising of experts in both the field of human genetics, nutrigenomics as well as sports science, will provide you with reliable, high-quality services, performed according to the highest international standards.







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