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The BodyScience Programme at The BodyHoliday


We know that our clients love being in the know about NEW products and programmes (just like us!) so we thought we’d tell you about an exciting new development at The BodyHoliday in St Lucia....

It has launched the ‘BodyScience Programme’ which is the first of its kind to be offered in the Caribbean and works like this:

You answer an extensive medical questionnaire and complete home-based tests and DNA samples to send off to the BodyScience experts. A Skype call will then be arranged for you to discuss test results with the resorts’ MD.

On arrival

Your personal BodyScience concierge welcomes you and the Ayurvedic Doctor on site starts your journey with treatments, cares and on site testing including heart rate, blood pressure, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, cardio and arterial fitness, body fat analysis, lung capacity, 3D heart mapping and Iridology.  Phew – how’s that for a having a ‘proper’ medical?!


Once your body type and personal DNA make-up have been established, you experience your customised BodyScience journey. It will be completely tailored to you and to what you are looking to achieve. A wellness chef will prepare your meals, you will have specialised spa treatments and a fitness and yoga plan will be devised based on your specific needs. The resort can also recommend supplements. The main programmes are:

The De-stress Health Programme

Discover your body’s stress status and physiological level. You will receive a personal nutrition and lifestyle plan aimed at reducing stress and the risk of chronic disease.

The Detox Health Programme

Discover your body’s detoxification status and receive a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you to optimise your detoxification.

The Fitness Programme

Get an insight into how your body is generally predisposed to certain exercise regimes. It highlights nutritional and functional deficiencies so that you can address them, fuel your body appropriately and get the most from your training.

The Digestive Health Programme

This investigates your symptoms and discomfort and provides a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to help restore you.

The Healthy Ageing Programme

This identifies where your body needs additional support to slow down the ageing process and function optimally. You will be given a personalised plan to restore youthful function and support ageing gracefully

The Weight Management Programme

This evaluates your hormones, genetic predisposition to weight gain, inflammation and food sensitivities. You will receive a personalised dietary and exercise plan to address biochemical imbalances and influence how you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

BodyScience programmes start from $2,700 for a three-night programme.


The BodyHoliday sets up your secured medical web room in which you can review your before and after results and track your progress during your stay and going forward.  In addition, you will receive a follow-up calls from the Ayurvedic Doctor once you are home and you will also be contacted by the medical doctor to check your progress and provide additional help, supplements and content.

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