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The Mayr Concept


The Mayr concept was created by the Austrian, Doctor Mayr when he discovered through his research that many diseases originate in the digestive system. Simply put, toxins are released into the body via the intestines through bad diet and high stress levels. Therefore, he went on to develop a cleansing method that would give the intestines a rest, flush out the toxins and rejuvenate the body.

Proven benefits of the Mayr Method include:

- Weight loss and inch reduction
- Skin tone improvement
- Reduction in abdominal bloating
- Increased energy and overcoming tiredness
- Noticeable improvements for asthma sufferers and sinus problems
- Improvements in skin conditions such as Psoriasis and eczema

The typical process on a Mayr Concept detox begins with a Doctor's consultation to establish your state of health & constitution in order to decide on the level of the Mayr diet that you should start on. The idea is that you start at a low level and gradually introduce more food types as your detox progresses. This can range from Level 1 where you eat bread rolls (in order to facilitate the mandatory 50 chews per mouthful), goats yoghurt (which is easier to digest and includes important probiotic benefits) and vegetable broth right, through to Level 5 where animal products are eliminated.

Your detox menu is personalised and you are regularly monitored by the doctors. The detox is also complemented by treatments such as abdominal massages and/or colonic hydrotherapy (not compulsory) to aid the process. Gentle exercise such as walking, stretching, yoga and swimming are recommended too.

When the detox is completed, you will be advised on how to re-introduce food types back into your diet and how to stay healthy going forward.  Powerful indeed!

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