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Travel Blog - Lifehouse Spa & Hotel - UK


Our Senior Wellbeing Travel Specialist, Anuska, headed off to the pretty Essex countryside to stay at Lifehouse Hotel & Spa and reports back on her experience:

What was your first impression of the hotel?
It was wonderful to be surrounded by greenery and wide, open space which you don't see much of in London! The spa is set in 130 acres and has extensive planting everywhere you look so it's very attractive. The grounds are great for a peaceful walk and, even though I visited in the winter, I wrapped up and had a lovely wander around.

What do you think makes Lifehouse Hotel & Spa special?
I would say the sheer space - there is no shortage of places to rest, relax and get away from it all. I loved the pretty ponds dotted around amongst the lush plants. The interior is also very stylish too with citrus pops of colours everywhere which makes for a modern and fresh feel. 


What was your most relaxing experience?
My favourite was the Ishga Invigorating Full Body Massage which combines marma massage, lymphatic drainage and traditional Swedish massage techniques. The Ishga products contain seaweed which is sourced from The Hebrides as it has some of the cleanest waters in the world and contain natural anti-oxidants and anti-ageing properties. The massage was so utterly relaxing that I ended up bringing my dinner booking forward so that I could head to bed sooner. I was totally zoned out! 


How was the food?
It was delicious and there is a wide variety of healthy options. For dinner, I had seabass with a delicious salad containing flax seed, beetroot and apple but you can also have more indulgent' cuisine like pasta dishes or curry. Full marks to the kitchen - everything was so tasty that I could have had seconds but I contained myself! The restaurant itself is also very nice as it's airy and overlooks the gardens.

What else did you discover?
There's calming music as you swim in the pool which is a neat touch and I love that the pool is surrounding by windows so you feel like the outside is peering in on you! I also tried the Salt Inhalation Room which was a new experience for me and seemingly it's designed to calm breathing and leave your sinuses feeling cleansed which it certainly did. Give it a try alongside the steam room or sauna. 

Who would you recommend Lifehouse Hotel & Spa to?
I think the 'vibe' there varies according to the day of the week so it would suit everyone! I went Sunday - Monday and found there to be more couples & friends at the weekend and then more single clients on Monday. It's very friendly and relaxed though so any time is a good time to go.... 

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