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Travel Blog - Amatara Wellness Resort, Thailand

One of our clients, Jo (who travels with us all the time so certainly knows her spas!) recently headed off to glorious Amatara Wellness Resort set in a quiet part of Phuket, for a wellness holiday. She acted as our spa spy and reports back on her findings below:

What were your first impressions when you arrived?
Well the good vibes pretty much started from my transfer - there was an iPad waiting for me to use with free Wi-Fi plus films to watch as well. Cool! I was so warmly welcomed that I just knew that I had made the right choice and then I was upgraded to a Pavilion Suite which was very lovely indeed. I had to switch some of my booked treatments as my flight had been delayed but this was done efficiently and with no fuss.   

What do you think makes the hotel so special?
It's new, it's luxurious and the facilities are great - the Retreat spa is a truly relaxing haven and I felt very nurtured by the team who all clearly expertly trained. The gym is well equipped and super clean and the changing rooms are spacious and elegant. I tended to use the smaller swimming pool in the spa but the central swimming pool is a show-stopper so be sure to find time to laze around there too or of course do some laps!


What was your favourite treatment?
It's hard to choose as they were all amazing and I've been to a lot of spas and had a lot of spa treatments! I'd say my favourite was the Thai Hamman. Strangely, I'd never had a Hamman before and had heard both good and bad reports about them but this one was fantastic. I had a sauna then a steam, mud treatment and exfoliation followed by the salt room which was so relaxing that I fell asleep. Just brilliant! I also had extra treatments from a visiting practitioner, Daniel, who worked on my stomach and shoulders. The combination of all the treatments (I honestly didn’t have one bad treatment), knowledge of the staff and how they tied everything together to cater for my personal needs was very impressive. Phoebe (the Wellness Director) was lovely - so friendly and knowledgable and always checking in with me to make sure that I was ok - a very nice touch as I was travelling solo.

What was your favourite activity? 
My programme included reformer Pilates and yoga and, I have to say, I have never worked harder in a Pilates class before! It was dynamic and sweat-inducing and I loved every minute. The yoga was tailored to my needs (to help me to sleep better) but it also helped me to organise my thoughts too which was a welcome, extra bonus. I also did Muay Thai which was simply AMAZING - totally exhausting but fantastic. My teacher still competes and it shows!  I'd say the quality of the instructors was really very good - worth bearing in mind if you love your fitness and want experts putting you through your paces.


How was the food?
I tended to take my meals at The Retreat Spa as it was quieter and the food a little bit healthier. I particularly enjoyed the breakfast and loved that they remembered my order for the next day too - a nice personal touch! One note - the food can be quite spicy so just ask them to reduce it a little if you prefer it milder which they will do without question. I tried The Grill (for an additional fee) a couple of times and really enjoyed the flavours in my dishes and the range of choices. I also had dinner in my room a few times too as the food was just so good - guess I was just feeling ultra lazy and sometimes when you are by yourself, it's nice to have that option eh?!

Who would you recommend the hotel to?
I think anyone who is looking for a luxury spa escape with a top-notch wellness and fitness team. Many of the staff come from the renowned Chiva-Som which says it all! I was very happy being there on my own as really felt that I was being 'looked out for' but of course it would suit couples or friends too. There's plenty to do, the facilities are excellent, it's very stylish, the food is delicious, the service is excellent and there's (usually) wall-to-wall sunshine - fabulous!  I came back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world - do go - you will absolutely love it!

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