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Top 5 Must-Do Tips at Sen Wellness, Sri Lanka

Our client, Ming, recently went on a yoga holiday to the authentic (and stylish) Sen Wellness in Sri Lanka and loved it so much that she has shared her TOP 5 TIPS so that you too can have the inside track and be inspired to go and discover it for yourself!  Remember that we we have the best prices and offers so call us on 020 3735 7555 and let's get you on your way.

Make an effort to get up early for 6.00 am yoga
Early morning wake up might not be what you expect on holiday, but you’ll get a gentle wake up and a cup of ginger & cardamom tea brought to your room at 5:30 am. It’s still dark but don’t pull the covers up. Instead, rise and shine. Weather permitting, we did kundalini yoga on the beach with the waves crashing in the background and the sun finally rising, it was a truly nice start to the day and you’ll come back refreshed and revitalised with bags of energy.

Embrace the Ayurveda treatments
I have already experienced several Ayurveda treatments before but for some first-timers, I would say embrace the treatments that Dr Harshi has prescribed for you and your body type.  We all get our own special formulation of oils for the massages and detoxing. Not only do the oils do a lot of good for you long-term, all the treatments are actually very healing. My favourite was the shirodara – oil drizzled over my 'third' eye then massaged into my scalp. Although it is a messy affair, you will reap the benefits the next day with a clearer mind and vision.


Go on the excursions
As much as it is nice to stay at the Sanctuary, it’s also nice to venture outside on a few excursions which were offered. My favourite two were (1) the market visit to capture the essence of Sri Lankan every-day life and to see the array and abundance of vegetables that we don’t find back at home and (2) the climb to the top of the Rock Temple to meditate as the sunset was breath-taking.

Swap stories with your fellow travellers
I’d really look forward to seeing all of my fellow travellers during meal times. Not only were we served some amazing food at every meal which we all devoured, it was also a chance to get to know the group. Whilst on many other holiday, you might not divulge many details about your life, at Sen Wellness, you feel like you have known everyone for a very long time. 

Book a stay as long as you can
I had originally booked for week following a friend’s wedding but did wish afterwards that I had booked for longer. If I were going again, I would definitely opt for a longer stay. There is this magical, nurturing feel about the place. Everyone was so kind and respectful and you really do feel like there is a lot of goodness for your wellbeing. I’ve come back to my whirlwind ‘normal’ city London life with a steady calmness still intact after a few weeks and am also pleased to report, I have not gained any weight back :-).

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