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Travel Blog - Banos de Segura Wellness & Spa Resort in Spain

Our client, Nadia, visited the beautiful Banos de Segura Wellness & Spa Resort in Spain. This adults-only hotel opened in July 2017 so it's all new and stylish. It has a wonderful rural setting, surrounded by rugged, natural scenery. It offers varied wellness programmes and also makes the most of the nearby healing thermal waters so it's an ideal choice for a revitalising holiday. Nadia loved her stay and gives us the low-down here: 

What were your first impressions when you arrived?
As soon as you enter Banos De Segura, you are enveloped in a feeling of warmth. It has a modern and stylish design with glass everywhere to make the most of the mountain views and bring the glorious nature inside. It's a quiet destination (don't come here if you're looking for hustle and bustle!) so it's a great place to come and take time out for yourself. I instantly felt energised and ready to begin my wellbeing programme.

What do you think makes the resort so special?
I would say that it's the location that makes it so special. It's set on the banks of the Aguasvivas river, surrounded by mountains and at the mouth of a canyon so the views are spectacular and the hiking is excellent. The mineral-rich medical waters from the nearby spring are used in the spa - I especally loved the indoor swimming pool filled with thermal water as my skin felt so silky soft afterwards.



What was your favourite activity & why?
I really enjoyed the guided hikes and the personal trainer was highly motivating. He led some great hikes into the surrounding hills as you can see in the picture above. There is a small indoor gym but who needs that when you can take your cardio outside and exercise within nature?! I also tried Ai-Chi which is Tai Chi in (chest-deep) water and follows the same principles of slow movements aimed at strengthening your body and relaxing you. I loved trying something new and it certainly made me feel very chilled...

How were your spa treatments?
Thermal waters are fed from a hot spring near the resort and these are used for theraputic treatments. I had a deep tissue massage which certainly did the trick in getting the tension out of my neck and upper back. I should mention that spa therapists are local so English isn't their first language but I made myself understood just fine when it came to massage pressure etc. Be sure to tap into the resident doctor's knowledge of general health, wellness and healthy cuisine too as he's a mine of information and inspiration.



How was the food?
The Aguas Vivas restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and serves delicious food. The menu is not necessarily spa cuisine (unless you are on the detox or weight-loss programme) and the chef is very engaging, taking time to speak to the guests and you only have to ask if you have any dietary preferences. The produce is locally sourced and organic where possible and it's packed full of flavour and taste.    

Who would you recommend the hotel to?
Banos de Segura is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the great outdoors, meditative walks and peace and quiet. I would recommend the resort to anyone who wants to get away from it all and focus on themselves. It's adults-only which is also a bonus - no little darlings running around!

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