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Top 5 Reasons to go to Svarga Loka Resort

One of our valued clients, Sylvia, headed to Svarga Loka Resort in Bali to discover what it has to offer so take a look at her top 5 reasons to visit below - we're pretty sure that you'll be inspired to hop on a plane too!

1. The 'no distractions' vibe:

You are literally in the middle of the rainforest here and totally surrounded by nature in all its glory. It's so peaceful and quiet - a real 'luxury' in fact as it's such a treat to really get away from it all and have no distractions. It was just the antidote I needed from my busy job and home life. However, I did like the fact that I could easily stroll to Ubud and I wandered in a few times to look round the handicraft stores and enjoy a healthy juice. I was happy to get back to Svarga Loka each time though - I got quite addicted to having a quiet space to think big thoughts!

2. The Ayusha Spa & Wellbeing Centre: 

I loved that the treatments rooms overlooked the lush greenery outside and that I could hear hear the sounds of the forest through the open windows as I had my massages. There's over 10 different types of masages to choose from (and plenty more treatments on the spa menu) and I particularly loved the 'Mantra Massage' which releases tension and certainly had me floating by the end of it! I also had really enjoyed my Balinese massage which was a deep-tissue fully body massage where the therapist stretched me out and used various techniques to stimuate the flow of 'qi' (energy) around my body. Again, it did as promised and I slept like a baby afterwards.  

The therapists sing you a mantra before and after your massage which I found very moving and uplifting - such a nice touch. I also had a great conversation with Nigel (who runs the wellbeing centre) - he asked me some gently probing questions and gave me some excellent insights into how I could look after myself better. I like to think I'm quite clued up but he gave me really useful information which I've started following at home.

SvargaLokafood  SvargaLokaSylvia

3. The yoga classes:

There are a number of yoga studios dotted around the resort and they all have those wonderful forest views. Ideal when you're trying to stay in your yoga pose and looking for some distraction! There's sunrise yoga and late afternoon Kundalini yoga on various days during the week as well and I enjoyed trying the latter for the first time. All the classes were very inclusive - every level was welcome and the teachers were good at correcting me but in a friendly way. There are other activities during the day too and I tried my hand at making offerings for the temple (an integral part of Balinese culture) and also did a few 'white crane' martial arts classes. I have never done anything like that so was rather fascinated by the moves but I think I'll have to practise for a while longer before I even get the basics right. I also had a private meditation session with Savitri who taught me how to breathe properly - so immensely powerful that I wish that I'd tried one sooner in my life.

4. The healthy food:

Wow, the food was delicious and I'd describe it as healthy without being extreme. It's also very attractively presented - a real feast for the eyes. There are vegan options but there's also meat and seafood as well.  The restaurant team explained that the chefs use healthy cooking techniques such as steaming and poaching and prefer natural oils and natural sweetners such as honey. I had lots of colourful salads and fish dishes and my stomach started getting flatter by the day which was a nice bonus.

5. The stylish bedrooms: 

My bedroom was a real haven with Balinese touches combined with a contemporary feel. I had a lovely balcony with seating area overlooking the rainforest and I whiled away many happy hours with my books. It also had a rather clever bathroom solution which was a glass wall to reflect light and a view into the bedroom and a sliding wooden door for privacy. Some of the other rooms have a semi-open bathroom with shower so I think I'll stay in one of those on my next visit as there is nothing nicer than showering outside!

SvargaLokalounge  Svargalokabed

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