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My day on a plate at Almyra Hotel & Spa - Cyprus


Top nutritionist Vicky Turrell recently headed off to Almyra Hotel & Spa in Cyprus to try our Wellbeing Booster programme and shared with us 'A day on my plate' to show her healthy choices on a particular day from the delicious Mediterranean cuisine offered and explains why she chose those particular dishes!

The wonderful thing about being on holiday is that I can let my body wake up naturally, without the stress hormones pumping or the adrenaline kicking in. This gives the body, and most importantly the digestion, the best chance of starting the day in peak working condition.

Waking up at the Almyra Hotel & Spa gave me just this opportunity and after my habitual liver cleansing warm water and lemon juice, I was able to enjoy the lovely fresh breakfast buffet. As I am currently working on cultivating good gut bacteria whilst gently detoxing, I plumped for a poached egg for protein and a bowl of fresh chopped fruit for vitamins and fibre. I also added in a couple of dried apricots to boost my iron intake and keep me going for a busy morning of reading and getting some important vitamin D by the pool….

Lunchtime in the UK usually means sandwiches, pasta salads or wraps. Not so at the Almyra, where the spa lunch menu has been designed to be light, healthy and nutritious. I chose the homemade guacamole, wholemeal flatbread strips and vegetable sticks to start. Made with avocados, which are packed with disease busting anti-oxidants and good omega oil, it also has a hit of circulation boosting chilli. Guacamole is also one of the easiest ways to get a lovely creamy texture on food without using butter or cream. I followed this with gazpacho, a cold tomato based soup that is a delicious blend of raw vegetable ingredients. It’s full of vitamin C, which has a million healthy properties including  being one of the key vitamins that our body needs in order to tan safely in the sun.

Having avoided caffeine at breakfast so that my body could wake up without artificial stimulants, I certainly wasn’t going to avoid an afternoon cup of tea! Research has shown that black tea has many of the anti-oxidant properties of green tea and also contains tannins that help support healthy gut bacteria. 

Too often hotel menus can look pretty boring after a couple of days and are usually sadly lacking in the all important green veg. Not so at the Almyra, which offers another lovely, mixed buffet as one of its dinner options.  I started with a plate of mixed chopped cucumber, rocket,  onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn and green olives. Salads are hugely underestimated but are a wonderful, mineral rich way to start a meal and the bitter leaves wake up the digestive enzymes and help the body prepare itself for the food to follow. I chose baked sea bass as my main course with raw baby spinach and braised black lentils. This was a wonderful balance of the 3 main food groups and I let myself enjoy this with a glass of Cypriot merlot – full of heart protecting resveratrol….

Happy healthy holidays! 

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