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What is the difference between a health retreat & a hotel with spa?


What's the difference between a health retreat & a hotel with spa?
Good question!  The wellness sector continues to grow rapidly and there are lots of places with great spas so it can be confusing to work out how an actual health retreat differs. 

A hotel with a spa attached is literally just that – it has trained therapists who can give amazing spa treatments or fitness trainers who can advise on exercise routines but it has not been set up specifically to give in-depth expert advice from highly trained practitioners such as Ayurvedic doctors, dieticians or detox experts.

You wouldn’t go to your local spa to seek advice on your health so, in the same way, if you want specialist advice; you need to go to a dedicated destination which has been set up especially to address your personal wellness needs.

Taking charge of issues such as stress, disturbed sleep, weight loss or fitness requires specialist advice and the teams at our destinations are trained to give personalised advice that will help you to reach your goals. Additionally, they will provide you with the necessary tools to make permanent changes in your life once back home.  You will follow a personalised programme specifically created to reach your individual aims and you will be guided and supported every step of the way to ensure that you stay on track (so much harder at a hotel with spa facilities where people around you may be indulging to excess!).  This will include healthy, nutritious food, treatments and exercise as well consultations to really get to the core of what issues you are looking to change or address.

We can all go on a pampering spa holiday (bliss!) but if you want more than a quick-fix then professional advice is the solution.

Believe us, once you’ve been on a ‘proper’ health retreat, you’ll get the difference!  Please call us on 020 3735 7555 and we'll be happy to advise your further.

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