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Why it Pays to Book with Wellbeing Escapes

Did you know?
We were the first and are the largest and most established specialist spa and wellness holiday company in the UK.

What does that mean for me?
That means we have the best negotiating power in our industry so we get the best prices for spa treatments and accommodation. Plus you have the confidence of dealing with an established company that has been trading since 2005.

Is it not cheaper for me to buy my treatments at the hotel?
No! When we design our packages we make sure that you get VALUE on your treatment package. The savings on the treatments are significant and most of the time in the region of 30%. 

Do I get any other deals?
Yes! Our resort partners view working with us as an endorsement of their spas and wellness offerings so for almost all of our packages we also get really good added value and rates. You can expect special prices for single travellers, room upgrades, and free transfers just to name a few.

Why are you different to other spa companies?
We are the most innovative and pay the most attention to detail. Our partners respect us even though we hassle them with the details – they learn from us as we are in the best position to let them know what is important to our customers.

There are many copy cats out there but when you book a Wellbeing Booster, Flexible Fitness package or a Discover & Unwind package you have our word that we have spent a lot of time and effort making sure it delivers both in your expectations and with the best deals. We haven’t copied we have created. Often imitated, never duplicated. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we feel pretty good about things!

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