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Detox Holidays

What do detox holidays really mean for you and your health? To put it bluntly, your body is under attack from toxins day and night. Happily our bodies are generally good at filtering out the bad stuff before it gets to us. However, if you are exposed to higher than average toxins, perhaps because you live in the city where there are more pollutants, or have a highly stressful lifestyle, or have been partying a little too hard, you ought to give your body some support by ‘detoxing’.  Simply put, a detox gives your body a real boost in its tireless campaign to keep you healthy.  If you are feeling sluggish, irritable, and unable to focus, or if you are experiencing headaches, bloating, or skin breakouts, and just generally feel grotty, your body is trying to tell you something. It is a wake up call to get help before the body becomes so overwhelmed by trying to unload its toxins that you become run down or ill. A detox holiday benefits you by boosting your immune system and improving your overall wellbeing.  It is like giving your body an MOT so that it can run more smoothly. You will emerge with a greater awareness of your body, and with the nutritional tools to keep it in good condition for years to come.  We have chosen some exceptional detox retreats for you to consider, from introductory programmes to juice fasting.

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Our different pricing and packages allows you to pick the right option for you. Choose from booking on bed & breakfast basis with free spa credits at many of our resorts. Or go for one of our great value packages to pre plan your treatments and activities at discounted prices.
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We work hard to negotiate extra value for our clients with our benefits such as free spa credits or room discounts that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Even from the hotel directly. We can do this because we are the largest and most established specialist wellbeing travel company.
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We have been operating for 12 years and know a thing or two about Wellbeing Holidays. We also take time to listen to what you want and research the best options for your needs. Many of our retreats have been visited by the team too. We will always try our best for you!