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Wellness Glossary


Abdominal massage therapy

A gentle massage which stimulates elimination, supports the colon and digestive functions to effectively drain the abdominal and lymphatic congestion. 


A warm oil Ayurveda massage using dosha specific oils.


An oil massage applied in strokes according to the circulation channels.


Derived from ancient Chinese medicine, Accupunture involves fine needles which are inserted in certain areas of the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes. 


A fast-paced exercise with involves the repetition of movements to music. It burns calories and gets the heart pumping. 

Affusion shower

Hydro-massage consisting of a fine mist of warm seawater applied to the whole body by means of a horizontal shower.

Algae body wrap

A warm seaweed wrap that relieves muscular and joint aches, pains and strains. It helps to relieve skin conditions. 

Ancient healing session at Preidlhof

Based on the concepts of ancient medicine and TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martin Kirchler has created an extraordinary therapeutic session combining exceptional quality of touch in massage, which delves deep to reveal and release, with personalised suggestions and exercises to be practiced at home. The session integrates mind and body and the function and interconnectivity of the internal organs and emotions.

Anmo Tuina at Preidlhof

Personalised massage based on the concepts of integral medicine, TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Enjoy a refined massage that focuses on muscle bands, cervical tendons, arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Calm the nervous system and reactivate the qi.

Anti-cellulite massage

A massage using rhythmic motions, stroking and kneading to loosen fatty tissue and smooth the skin's surface.  

Aromatherapy massage

A Swedish massage therapy which uses massage oils or lotions that contain essential oil. 

Ashtanga Yoga

A type of yoga which includes swift succession, combined with deep, controlled breathing.


Ayurveda (meaning 'knowledge of life') is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing originating in Kerala in India. Recognised as an alternative medicine, it believes that health is balanced between the body, mind, spirit and environment and that we are all governed by a particular 'dosha' - Vata (wind), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth) which make up the characteristics of our mind and body. Your dosha is established at an initial consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor and then you follow a personalised programme to 'rejuvenate' you based on your dosha type.

Bikram Yoga

Yoga which consists of 26 poses and ideally practiced in a hot room heated at 35–42 °C

Body bio-impedance analysis (BIA)

A technique used for estimating body composition. You stand on a Tanita monitor and low, safe electrical signals are sent from 4 metal electrodes through certain parts of the body. 

Body peeling

Gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin supple and silky-smooth. Prepares the skin for increased absorption of products. 

Body Wrap

A type of spa treatments which aims to reduce body measurements through skin-cleansing ingredients and wrapping the body in hot bandages. 


A fast-pased exercise done to music which involves weighted reps to varying beats and speeds, working legs, back, arms, triceps and abs. 


The use of breath awareness and conscious breathing (exercises and techniques) as a tool for health in spirit, mind and body. Every psychological, emotional, chemical and physiological state has an associated breathing pattern. As you change from one state to another, your breathing pattern changes, and vice versa. If you experiment with your breath, you can trigger different thinking and states of being. 

Cellular bioanalysis

Offered at SHA

It is a technique that starts with the study of a drop of blood in vivo using a dark field microscope, thanks to which the internal environment can be analysed and a large part of the cellular imbalances that could in the future lead to chronic or degenerative diseases be detected.

For this reason, it becomes essential within any anti-ageing program, thanks to its eminently preventive character. And not only that, but its usefulness is increased by the knowledge that allows making pursuit of the effectiveness of the applied treatments.

Chenot Method (Henri Chenot)

Chenot Method is a tried and tested form of detox combining treatments and diet established by Henri Chenot. The aim is to prevent the body from bad toxins, premature aging and aid longevity. The treatments, which are a combination of classical Chinese medicine and the latest scientific advances in western medicine, help to activate energy channels and stimulate physical functions. This in turn restores balance in the body. Ultimately, the aim is to expel toxins from the body, so the organs can perform better. 

Chi Nei Tsang

A holistic treatment where the abdomen is warmed with oil and massage strokes. 

Colon hydrotherapy

A therapy which removes toxins by inserting water into the rectum. 

Colour healing massage at Preidlhof

An inspiring fragrant and sensory massage crafted with the healing and potent power of crystal and sounds. Following a short visual test, your therapist will select the oils to suit your needs and desired results. Orange, red, blue, yellow, indigo, violet, green? Or magical pink?

Core Suspend

Exercise performed suspended off the ground. 


A treatment which uses sub-zero temperatures to treat illness and skin conditions. It involves freezing a certain area of the body with liquid nutrogen. 


A traditional Chinese therapy which uses warm cups to stimulate energy flow by place them on the skin of the meridan line.


Deep Sea at Preidlhof

Sound and colour, the two new frontiers of wellness combine in this masterpiece of technology and creativity to relax and inspire body and mind. Created by a visionary audiologist, you are enveloped in the light of 12,500 LEDs immersed in sounds and colours as you journey in the mind through the universe or the sea. Instils a deep state of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep pressured massage aimed at releasing muscle tension. 

Dhanyamla Dhara

Warm, herbal liquid is poured over the body in rhythmic movements.


The 3 main doshas used in Ayurvedic Medicine are: Vata (combination of space and air elements), Pitta (analogous to the fire element) and Kapha (combination of water and earth elements). 


A treatment for the face which uses exfoliation, peels, face masks and massage. 


A therapy where you lie back in a bath of water that cushions you in weightless buoyancy. It can be either in a closed tank or open pool. It's a great way to releve stress, aches and pains. 

Forest Wisdom at Preidlhof

Receive a cleansing and inspiring ritual with burned herbs, flowers and resins specifically collect- ed for you by Irmgard Mossmair following local traditions and enhanced by the innate wisdom and mystic touch of this enchanting lady; Irmgard is a certified herbalist and mountain expert who lives in total harmony with the woods.

Four-handed massage

Feels like you are experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. This massage is done by two therapists at the same time. 

Glowing flow session at Preidlhof

Extra-ordinary session created by Stefano Battaglia. Techniques, conversation and bodywork at- tend to the needs of the body which releases emotional blocks, anxiety and imbalance. An original researcher with a unique touch, he uses several refined bodywork techniques which connect and harmonise body and mind. Specializing in Trauma Touch Skills, Stefano helps the body to release blocked emotions caused by various forms of trauma, he also teaches and practices meditation. The treatments require loose, comfortable clothing to be worn.


A treatment done in a steam room. The therapist usually massages and washes you. 

Hatha Yoga

A slower and more gentle yoga style which is great for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed style where you hold poses for longer. 

Hawaiian Healing Session at Preidlhof

Extraordinary experience inspired by ancient massage and medicine where love and breath become healing tools. An engaging massage that can increase awareness, loosen psycho-physical tensions, and infuse the body and mind with new possibilities through breathing, movement and energy touch. Choreography, music and original products make the massage unforgettable.


High-intensity interval training burns lots of calories. It involves high-intensity workouts putting your body in anaerobic mode, whilst strengthening and working muscles and the cardio system.

Hot stone massage

A massage which uses smooth, heated stones. 

Hot Yoga

Yoga which is performed in hot and humid conditions. 


Treatments using water either in underwater massage, jet blitz, showers or mineral baths. 


‘Hypoxi’ is a natural body shaping technique consisting of; Dermologie, S120, L250 and Vacunant. The body type determines which equipment is used. 

  • Dermologie makes the skin more flexible and therefore strong through small, continuous skin movements. 
  • S120 is used for women with pear-shaped bodies; you sit and cycle and whilst cycling the combination of pressure and vacuum is used to work on blood circulation, drain liquid and fatty acids in the body. 
  • L250 is similar to S120 but used for these who prefer to lie down and exercise in a comfortable position. 
  • Vacunant is used by men and women with apple-shaped bodies, you walk on a treadmill while pressure and vacuum are applied to the body. 


Indian head massage

Acupressure massage used on head, face, neck and shoulders. 

Indiba treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic

Non-invasive radio frequency treatment that rebalances the cell interaction, as a result the oxygen's flow between cells is improved, the micro-circulation is reset and the skin is rejuvenated. When applied for facial purposes, it diminishes wrinkles, improves dark circles appearance and puffiness under the eyes, and redefines a round face by firming and toning the skin. When applied to the body, it shapes the silhouette, reduces cellulite, stretch marks and sagging, smoothes and firms the skin. When used as a therapeutic effect eases the pain, reduces the inflammation and gives an overall feeling of well-being.

Available at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Infrared sauna

A type of sauna that uses light to create heat. The sauna allows your body to sweat and release toxins. 

Intravenous laser therapy

offered at SHA

It works by applying laser light directly into the bloodstream thanks to an optical fibre that is introduced into the vascular light through a special catheter.

The laser light stimulates the blood cells due to the activation of photosensitive receptors present at an intracellular level thanks to the action of photons, thus triggering numerous positive biological effects.

“This therapy provides energy, strength and endurance, reduces pain and inflammation, significantly improves general day-to-day performance, regulates sleeping and waking behaviour and stabilises mood,

Iyashi Dome

This state of the art technology burns up to 600 kcal in just a 30 minute session. The mechanism is through a deep body detox through sweating to eliminate toxins and heavy metals allowing the body’s metabolism to return to peak efficiency. Effective for those wanting to slim, regenerate their cells for an anti-aging treatment including the face or for sports preparation and recovery.

Jivamukti Yoga

The Jivamukti Yoga method is a style of modern yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, combining a vigorous hatha yoga, vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsā (nonviolence, non-harming), nāda (music), and dhyana (meditation). 


Warm, medicated oils are poured over the lower back within a herbal paste boundary.


A low-carb, high-fat regime often used for weight-loss where the body converts fat into Ketones for energy. 


Herbal leaves or powders are dipped in warm, medicated oils and applied via boluses (cloth pouches) to the whole or parts of the body.


Thermal treatments created by Father Sebastian Kneipp which use a mixture of hot and cold water, as well as a number of herbal essences, mostly to help increase circulation. 


A mixture of medicinal extraction and cow's milk are heated and the steam passed through a tube and applied over the affected area or whole body.

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga which repeats movements or exercises as well as chanting, meditation, mantras and dynamic breathing techniques. Movements are synchronized with the breath. 


LBT (Legs, Bum, Tum)

A exercise class focused on toning the body rather than loosing weight. Exercises include crunches and squats. 


Medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected part.

Lomi Lomi Massage

A traditional Hawaiian massage that involves a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body.

Lymphatic drainage

A skin massage which involves hand sequences and movements which create friction to the skin and encourages lymth vessuals under the skin to work harder. 

Lypolitic laser session

A local fat reduction technique by means of diode lasers instead of surgery.

Available at Palasiet Thalasso Clinic Hotel


Mayr Detox Concept

The Mayr concept was created by the Austrian, Doctor Mayr when he discovered through his research that many diseases originate in the digestive system. Simply put, toxins are released into the body via the intestines through bad diet and high stress levels. Therefore, he went on to develop a cleansing method that would give the intestines a rest, flush out the toxins and rejuvenate the body.


Meditation or mindfulness is a way of tuning in to your body, letting go of the constant chatter from the busy world around you and finding some peace and inner calm. 


A heat therapy which uses dried plant materials called 'moxa' that are burned near the skin with the aim of treating pain. 

Muscle Chain Therapy

It's a session, as its name suggests, of muscle stretching either using elastic bands or the body itself. 

Available at Palasiet Thalasso Clinic Hotel



Herbal juices and medicated oils are applied through the nose.


Certain parts or the whole body are made to sweat by the application of medicinal boluses tied (cloth pouches) by 2-4 therapists. 

Ozone therapy

Offered at SHA

It is the application of medical ozone in the human body with the primary purpose of achieving a therapeutic benefit.

Medical ozone is a gas that is obtained from pure medical oxygen with the help of a generator, and that allows its prescribed dosage. It contributes to improving the antioxidant cellular activity and thus favours the elimination of free radicals.

“It has also been proven effective in modulating the immune system by achieving a controlled regulation of the immune response, which is one of the reasons why it is applied in autoimmune diseases,”



Comprises a diet of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit whilst avoiding processed dairy or cereal products.

Phlebitis Circuit at Palasiet Thalasso Clinic Hotel

A circuit in seawater pool at 22°C-24°C to activate and improve the bloodstream. 

At Palasiet Thalasso Clinic Hotel


Exercise with the aim of strengthening the body focusing on core strength. 

Pilates reformer

Exercises done on a reformer which help length, strength and flexibility. 


Lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body by 2-4 therapists for 60-90 minutes. The treatment is done on a special table made of Strychnos Nuxvomica wood.

Power Yoga

A vigorous, vinyasa-style yoga. The teacher allows students to move as they want instead of following a routine. 


A breathing exercise which aims to clean the physical and emotional obstacles in the body.


Qi Gong

The co-ordination of body posture and movement, breathing and meditation. 



Reflexology is thought to have originated in China and it's a therapy based on the theory that different points of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. No oils or liquids are used during the treatment and the therapist will massage points on your feet, hands and head using thumb, finger and hand techniques. By massaging them, the therapist can stimulate energy to flow and help the body to heal itself physically and emotionally.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a scientific discipline that works, principally, on the prevention of diseases, as well as to regenerate tissues damaged by old age or trauma and to help prepare organs for transplants. Its main objective is to repair damaged tissues, using mechanisms similar to those the body itself naturally uses to renew cells.


A Japanese technique whereby hands are laid on a certain part of the body to help energy to flow better. 

Restorative Yoga

Relaxing and passive style yoga which allows students to release the body into a gentle stretch. 


Serum therapy

This therapy is based on the intravenous administration of a combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to optimise the enzymatic functions of the cells and favour the capacity of self-healing of the organism.

“In a preventive way, serum therapy is especially indicated in situations where our reserves may be depleted, such as stress, polymedication, pollution, very intense sporting activity or ageing,”

Probably the detoxification of the body is one of the significant applications of this treatment. Still, the truth is that the combination of serums covers a countless range of therapeutic options: health and beauty of skin and hair, fight against obesity, protection of the immune system, regulation of sleep, improvement of digestion, bone strengthening, etc.

Shaping Mud treatment at Preidlhof

Re-modelling and intense, a treatment with an immediate effect popular in Medical Spas: helps to lighten the silhouette and eliminate excess water and toxins. Products rich in essential and natural active oils and an enzyme saline scrub are massaged on the body; then a specific bandage is worn before applying the mud that solidifies and allows the actives ingredients to take effect. At the end of treatment, the solidified mud is removed, leaving the body feeling lighter and more refined.


A Japanese technique whereby the therapist will use touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to balance energy flow and adjust the body's physical structure. 


Herbal oils, medicated milk and butter milk are poured from a height on the forehead in a continuous flow of liquid.

Shirsha/Muhuna/Pada abhyanga at Preidlhof

This particular combination of head, nape, face and foot massage reduces headache and stress and increases psycho-physical energy. It is also ideal for lovers of head and foot massages or when a full massage is not indicated.

Shrinking Violet at SHA Wellness Clinic

Revolutionary, clinically tested body treatment that activates the fat-burning process, eliminating unwanted fat without effort or discomfort thanks to its active ingredient, hydrolysed lecithin, which penetrates the skin in seconds. The active ingredient is applied and then the arms and legs are covered with wraps. This wrapping produces an immediate and long-lasting slimming effect on the figure, helping to successfully eliminate fat in problem areas such as the thighs, hips and abdomen and others areas.

Available at SHA Wellness Clinic.


Lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head and held.

Sleep discovery at Preidlhof

It can be quite a discovery to find out what happens during sleep. A therapist, trained by experts in sleep clinics, guides you on a simple and yet sophisticated journey to check the quality of rest at night. Following a first consultation, a small device is worn at night and then delivered the next day to the sleep coach. Dr. Med. A. Angerer then evaluates and shares the results of the monitoring.

Smile Session at Preidlhof

“I’m not laughing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I laugh” is the motto of the laughter yoga session led by Patrizia, or a member of her “Smiling Team”. Discover one of the most powerful tools of transformation.


Medicated ghee or oils are given internally in proportionally increasing quantities.

Sound bath

A deeply meditative experience where you immerse yourself if sounds such as gongs. 


A very high intensity cardio and leg workout. 

Swedish Massage

A massage which stimulates circulation, releases tight muscles an helps to flush the circulatory system. 



A slow, flowing sequence of movements which originates from China. 

Thai massage

A traditional massage developed by Buddists which uses stretching and gentle pressure to increase flexibility, relieve join and muscle tension and balance the body's energy system. 


Medicinal herbs selected to your dosha and made into a paste, are applied to the scalp. 


Thalassotherapy slowly helps to loosen body stiffness and eliminates stress, insomnia and chronic fatigue through the use of seawater in baths, jets and showers. The feeling of wellbeing continues long after the treatments - de-solving tension and helping to regain calm and tranquility.

Thalatherm at Masseria San Domenico

Dead sea mud wrap in a special machine that spreads steam reaching the temperature of 38°C. This treatment is remineralizing and detoxifying good for muscular pain.
Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Thalgo Body Palp at Masseria San Domenico

Thalgo Body Palp combines the sculpting effect of cupping with the reducing and firming action of active oxygen and menthol wraps.ù

Available at Masseria San Domenico

Thalgo jet at Masseria San Domenico

Deep massage with water jets that relieves sore muscles, improves circulation, specially recommended for the prevention of cellulite.

Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Thalgocéane at Masseria San Domenico

A sea water bath with programmed jets on different parts of the body, with essential oils that reactivates blood circulation and stretches muscles.

Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Total body resistance (TRX)

An effective exercise which uses 2 straps and helps to build muscle combining strength with cardio training. 

Tradtional Chinese medicine (TCM)

TCM is traditionally from China and has evolved over thousands of years. The use of herbal medicine and mind & body practices are used to treat or prevent health problems. 


Herbal powders are applied by 2 therapists on the body in a specific movement. 

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis specialises in reducing localised fat in areas such as stomach, upper arms and thighs as well as buttocks. The mixture of a delicate vacuum pressed onto the skin and ultrasonic waves rupture fat cells is even advanced enough to destroy the new layer of fat cells. However, the method only targets fat cells without affecting other organs and has no side effects meaning that it's completely safe


Warm, medicated oils are poured over the chest. 


Herbal oils and extracts are applied through the rectum – like a medicated enema.

Vela Shape treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic

VelaShape III contours, remodels, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as one treatment session (average reduction of between 1 and 3 cm). It provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort. The secret behind VelaShape III is that is the first and only technology that combines elos (infrared + bipolar radiofrequency) with vacuum and tissue manipulation (Vacuum therapy) to reduce the volume and appearance of fat tissues.

Available at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Venus Legacy

is a non-invasive and pain-free solution for body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite and circumferential reduction. Helps get rid of loose skin after weight loss. Also used for facial wrinkles by tightening sagging skin and improve overall skin quality through a combination of multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic field treatments.

Vichy Shower

A massage performed under a shower of water. Treatments can include body scrubs, body masks and body wraps. 

Vinyasa Yoga

A yoga style where you synchronise your breath with vigorous style movements and rapid flow through sun salutations. Also can be known as 'flow yoga.'



A gentle form of massage which takes place in warm water, usually in an indoor pool. It's one-on-one and you are continuously supported while the therapist floats, cradles, rocks and stretches you. 

Yin Yoga

Slow-paced yoga where poses are held for at least 5 minutes. 

Yoga Nidra

Otherwise known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a powerful form of meditation that takes place lying down.  It is one of the deepest forms of relaxation while still being awake and calms the nervous system as well as aiding a good nights sleep.


Exercise which combines Pilates poses with the breathing techniques of yoga. 

Your Voice session at Preidlhof

Led by a joyful local singer, musician, vocal coach and inspired artist: experience the power of your voice when supported by deep breathing and inner centering. See how it can help you detox and transform while removing tensions, limits and blocked energy. An all-female experience.

Zen Shiatsu session at Preidlhof

A session with Andrea Martinelli, an experienced shiatsu expert who chose the Master method to create his personalised healing session: it can be strong and dynamic, or gentle and more meditative. The aim is to effect an emotional transformation through meridians to reach the source of any disharmony. The treatment is performed on a futon wearing comfortable clothes.


A fitness exercise created by a Columbian dancer. It involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music.


The programme also includes their innovative 3GL plus testing where through pin prick blood sample and urine sample they can measure the three most important biomarkers for metabolic health – which are glucose, glutathione and glycogen plus amino acids and metabolites (which are all biomarkers that measure your state of health). From the results they get they can personalise your exercise programme and also your food rather than a one size fits all approach. So like a totally personalised MOT for your own state of health.

3GL Analysis

A patented protocol by Euphoria Retreat in Greece that with a few drops of blood, measures the 3 most important biomarkers for your metabolic health - glycogen, glucose and glutathione (called 3GL), the main endogenous antioxidant against free radicals. Endogenous antioxidants are released from food and vitamins through digestion and travel through the bloodstream and into the cells - they can prevent the forming of free radicals and cellular damage. The result of the 3GL test (which is 100% accurate) will reveal your individual cellular needs in metabolic regulation and activation, anti-ageing, wellness, cellular protection and longevity. As a result, the diet that you follow will be adapted to your specific, personal needs. Euphoria Retreat’s 3GL therapy is designed to be effective when followed by a diet of smaller, more regular meals throughout the day which boost your metabolism and energy levels.