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Wellness Glossary


Bikram Yoga

Yoga which consists of 26 poses and ideally practiced in a hot room heated at 35–42 °C

Body bio-impedance analysis (BIA)

A technique used for estimating body composition. You stand on a Tanita monitor and low, safe electrical signals are sent from 4 metal electrodes through certain parts of the body. 

Body measurement and report

360° detailed body composition analysis powered by the latest medical technology to gather data, with recommendations to sustain your plan and track progress.

Body peeling

Gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin supple and silky-smooth. Prepares the skin for increased absorption of products. 

Body Wrap

A type of spa treatments which aims to reduce body measurements through skin-cleansing ingredients and wrapping the body in hot bandages. 


A fast-pased exercise done to music which involves weighted reps to varying beats and speeds, working legs, back, arms, triceps and abs. 


The use of breath awareness and conscious breathing (exercises and techniques) as a tool for health in spirit, mind and body. Every psychological, emotional, chemical and physiological state has an associated breathing pattern. As you change from one state to another, your breathing pattern changes, and vice versa. If you experiment with your breath, you can trigger different thinking and states of being.