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Wellness Glossary


Bach Flower

Flower essences were used in ancient Egypt as well as India, Asia, Europe, South America, and by the Australian Aborigines. This system was rediscovered and popularised 80 years ago in England by the work of Dr. Edward Bach. Flower essences work quickly and profoundly, addressing psychological, spiritual and physical states to bring about harmony. When emotional balance is restored by the flower essences true healing can occur. Dr. Bach suggested that physical illness is actually a message from our higher self, calling for a change in our mental outlook and way of living. Positive qualities that reside deep inside us are brought forth and emotional blocks are removed by the essences. Their activation allows us to replace fear with courage, insecurity with self-confidence, and hatred with love, thus renewing your passion for life. During a flower remedy consultation your emotional and physical state will be discussed, allowing the practitioner to design a remedy formulated specifically to meet your needs.

Baropodometry analysis

Is used to measure "point by point" the pressures exerted by the foot on the ground. The plantar region represents the interface between the body and the external world, with different pressure zones varying according to the activity performed. In static conditions, it is possible to observe: the morphological characteristics of the foot (high-arched, flat, pronated, supinated, etc.), the distribution of pressures with identification of overload zones, and the visualization of the Centre of Pressure and its evolution over time.

Beauty sleep facial

Accelerates the nighttime renewal process on a much deeper level with time erasing nutrients specifically chosen to suits your needs. Available before bedtime this skin-boosting treatment will slowly infuse its healing and restorative elements while you are dreaming. Brief: Same step as Facial yoga but the treatment material is focus on nighttime renewal and deeper nutrients. 

Bikram Yoga

Yoga which consists of 26 poses and ideally practiced in a hot room heated at 35–42 °C

Bio resistance therapy

An excellent treatment to restore the body’s energy systems and reduce the effects of jet lag. The Bioresonance Energy System produces a gentle pulsating energy field, stimulating the body’s cells to activate various physiological processes. The gentle pulses are identical to the natural energy fields the human body produces during exercise. Bioresonance harmonises the body’s energy and stimulates meridian pathways where energy seems depleted. Therapeutically, it helps to boost energy and performance, increase metabolism for weight loss, improve circulation and regulate blood pressure. Bioresonance stimulates healing and reduces pain. It is used to improve digestion and enhance detoxification, to stimulate the immune system, and to increase wellbeing by promoting restful sleep and relaxation. For a deeper relaxation effect, light and sound therapy are combined with the use of LED spectacles and headphones. More than one treatment may be recommended for optimum results.


A non - invasive and broadly used approach for the assessment of the body composition in different clinical conditions. The measurement is obtained standing on the device and holding the electrodes for 60 seconds. BIA determines your body composition in terms of fat mass, muscle mass and hydratation status; for that reason, it is advised to perform in the fasting state.

Bioenergetic appointment at Palace Merano

The bioenergetic department carries out diagnostic tests to measure the energy state of the organism and in particular of the internal organs. According to the results, targeted action is taken to correct imbalances. Low radio frequency energy waves are used and the acupuncture points are stimulated. The waves are transmitters of vital energy to the cells, organs and all systems of the body. 

Bioenergetic check up at Palace Merano

Equipment works holistically on central nervous system and provides a general overview of the body's energy balance. It allows you to measure the person's energy level and by evaluating the vitality factor, indicates the correct therapeutic path to follow in treatments. Based on the information collected and the specific measurement of bioelectrical variations on the skin, individual disorders can be highlighted, localized in specific points and which are subsequently stimulated via bioenergetic treatments to rebalance and strenghten the organism. 

Biomechanical assessment (HPM)

It is a unique assessment suitable for sportmen of all levels and for people who want to undertake a recovery path towards physical activity. This is very helpful to analyse body function such as posture, mobility, strenght, flexibility, movement dynamics, reactivity, stability, functionality of core and spine. This assessment includes: baropodometric analysis, gait analysis, reactivity testing.

Biophysical Evaluation

This diagnosis consists of assessing the body composition and identifying the biotype. In the biophysical evaluation, we will analyse several parameters: fat mass, including visceral fat, muscle mass, body mass index (BMI), basal metabolism, water, distribution of fat mass and lean mass.

Body and Mind Techniques for Stress Management

This consultation is tailored to design personalized tools to help improve the way stress is coped with. It includespersonalized exercises for regular mind training. If you do not feel able to change the source of stress, you are certainly able to change yourself and the way you deal with it. Learn simple tools that you can integrate into yourdaily life. The result is a much healthier way of living

Body bio-impedance analysis (BIA)

A technique used for estimating body composition. You stand on a Tanita monitor and low, safe electrical signals are sent from 4 metal electrodes through certain parts of the body. 

Body bio-impedance analysis (BIA) at Kamalaya

BIA is a method of measuring several key health markers including levels of hydration, the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass, and cellular vitality. This helps to determine a realistic measure of your health and wellbeing. This information is useful for setting goals for weight management and fitness, and for making appropriate recommendations to achieve a better body balance to improve overall health and prevent illness. Body Bioimpedance Analysis gives valuable information on cellular health, metabolism and toxicity to help create naturopathic, nutrition, or exercise programs suited to your individual needs.

Body densitometry (DEXA Scanner) at Palace Merano

It is able to identify with great precision data regarding the health of the bone structure, the composition of the tissues and the distribution of body fat thanks to a sophisticated scanning system. The survey provides the doctor with important data to establish a personalized treatment path. The DEXA/Scanner is a radiographic test that allows you to determine:

  • Bone density and for this peculiarity represents a useful test for the diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • The weight and percentage of lean mass and fat mass in different body areas. 
  • The layer of bone mineralization in various body areas

Body measurement and report

360° detailed body composition analysis powered by the latest medical technology to gather data, with recommendations to sustain your plan and track progress.

Body peeling

Gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin supple and silky-smooth. Prepares the skin for increased absorption of products. 

Body Wrap

A type of spa treatments which aims to reduce body measurements through skin-cleansing ingredients and wrapping the body in hot bandages. 


A fast-pased exercise done to music which involves weighted reps to varying beats and speeds, working legs, back, arms, triceps and abs. 


This pressotherapy treatment combines slimming and well-being by treating all fat areas with pulsed magnetic fields. A Painless technique. Your figure is reshaped and the skin becomes firmer.


The use of breath awareness and conscious breathing (exercises and techniques) as a tool for health in spirit, mind and body. Every psychological, emotional, chemical and physiological state has an associated breathing pattern. As you change from one state to another, your breathing pattern changes, and vice versa. If you experiment with your breath, you can trigger different thinking and states of being.