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Wellness Glossary



A slow, flowing sequence of movements which originates from China. 

Thai massage

A traditional massage developed by Buddists which uses stretching and gentle pressure to increase flexibility, relieve join and muscle tension and balance the body's energy system. 


Medicinal herbs selected to your dosha and made into a paste, are applied to the scalp. 


Thalassotherapy slowly helps to loosen body stiffness and eliminates stress, insomnia and chronic fatigue through the use of seawater in baths, jets and showers. The feeling of wellbeing continues long after the treatments - de-solving tension and helping to regain calm and tranquility.

Thalatherm at Masseria San Domenico

Dead sea mud wrap in a special machine that spreads steam reaching the temperature of 38°C. This treatment is remineralizing and detoxifying good for muscular pain.
Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Thalgo Body Palp at Masseria San Domenico

Thalgo Body Palp combines the sculpting effect of cupping with the reducing and firming action of active oxygen and menthol wraps.ù

Available at Masseria San Domenico

Thalgo jet at Masseria San Domenico

Deep massage with water jets that relieves sore muscles, improves circulation, specially recommended for the prevention of cellulite.

Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Thalgocéane at Masseria San Domenico

A sea water bath with programmed jets on different parts of the body, with essential oils that reactivates blood circulation and stretches muscles.

Available at Masseria San Domenico.

Tibetan Healing Bowls Therapy SHA

An ancient healing technique traditionally used by the Lamas or Buddhist masters, which works on the damaged areas of the body through sounds and vibrations. It unloads and releases physical or emotional tension, thus favouring an internal state of peace.

Total body resistance (TRX)

An effective exercise which uses 2 straps and helps to build muscle combining strength with cardio training. 

Tradtional Chinese medicine (TCM)

TCM is traditionally from China and has evolved over thousands of years. The use of herbal medicine and mind & body practices are used to treat or prevent health problems.