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Wellness Glossary


Sanctuary for Busy Minds

This deeply relaxing session combines various energy techniques to relieve stress and bring a profound state of calm. It is said that when confronted with continual stress, the hypothalamus literally shrinks. Our techniques help restore this area of the brain, reducing fearful thinking around trust, joy and safety. It is also good for hormonal balance, jet lag and sleep. 


Exclusive in Morocco. Complete rebalancing of the body schema, ideal for back pain and osteoarthritis: the real anti-aging! For athletes in preparation or recovery, providing flexibility, reinforcement, mobility.

Serum therapy

This therapy is based on the intravenous administration of a combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to optimise the enzymatic functions of the cells and favour the capacity of self-healing of the organism.

“In a preventive way, serum therapy is especially indicated in situations where our reserves may be depleted, such as stress, polymedication, pollution, very intense sporting activity or ageing,”

Probably the detoxification of the body is one of the significant applications of this treatment. Still, the truth is that the combination of serums covers a countless range of therapeutic options: health and beauty of skin and hair, fight against obesity, protection of the immune system, regulation of sleep, improvement of digestion, bone strengthening, etc.

SHA Detox Therapy

The SHA Detox treatment helps eliminate toxins that prevent cells from working at their best. A combination of essential oils tailored to your specific needs that works with your circulatory system in combination with high-end lymphatic drainage performed with glass cups using a cupping technique to stimulate the metabolism, eliminate water retention and facilitate the detoxification process. 

Shaping Mud treatment at Preidlhof

Re-modelling and intense, a treatment with an immediate effect popular in Medical Spas: helps to lighten the silhouette and eliminate excess water and toxins. Products rich in essential and natural active oils and an enzyme saline scrub are massaged on the body; then a specific bandage is worn before applying the mud that solidifies and allows the actives ingredients to take effect. At the end of treatment, the solidified mud is removed, leaving the body feeling lighter and more refined.

Shells Massage

Massage with sea waves movements resulting in a muscular relaxation and body circulation activation.


A Japanese technique whereby the therapist will use touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to balance energy flow and adjust the body's physical structure. 

Shiatsu SHA

Ancestral healing therapy from Japan that uses pressure on key points of the body to achieve the proper channelling of vital energy (Ch’i), helping to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression. 


Shirodhara therapy works through to the deepest levels of one’s being. ‘Shiro’ translates from Sanskrit as head, and ‘dhara,’ as flow. A stream of warm, medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead which helps to connect and energise the ‘nadis’, various channels that sustain our lives – from the circulation of fluids on the physical level to the subtle currents running through the meridians, chakras and auras. Using technical skill and intuition, this specialised treatment helps to improve blood supply, thereby increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen, relieving tension, and promoting a clear pathway for nerve impulses to balance the nervous system and restore vitality. Shirodhara is recommended for sinus congestion, insomnia, and for clarity of mind. It is highly recommended that you avoid the sun for several hours after your treatment.


Herbal oils, medicated milk and butter milk are poured from a height on the forehead in a continuous flow of liquid.

Shirsha/Muhuna/Pada abhyanga at Preidlhof

This particular combination of head, nape, face and foot massage reduces headache and stress and increases psycho-physical energy. It is also ideal for lovers of head and foot massages or when a full massage is not indicated.

Shrinking Violet at SHA Wellness Clinic

Revolutionary, clinically tested body treatment that activates the fat-burning process, eliminating unwanted fat without effort or discomfort thanks to its active ingredient, hydrolysed lecithin, which penetrates the skin in seconds. The active ingredient is applied and then the arms and legs are covered with wraps. This wrapping produces an immediate and long-lasting slimming effect on the figure, helping to successfully eliminate fat in problem areas such as the thighs, hips and abdomen and others areas.

Available at SHA Wellness Clinic.


Lukewarm herbal oils are poured into a cap fitted on the head and held.

Sleep discovery at Preidlhof

It can be quite a discovery to find out what happens during sleep. A therapist, trained by experts in sleep clinics, guides you on a simple and yet sophisticated journey to check the quality of rest at night. Following a first consultation, a small device is worn at night and then delivered the next day to the sleep coach. Dr. Med. A. Angerer then evaluates and shares the results of the monitoring.

Smile Session at Preidlhof

“I’m not laughing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I laugh” is the motto of the laughter yoga session led by Patrizia, or a member of her “Smiling Team”. Discover one of the most powerful tools of transformation.


Medicated ghee or oils are given internally in proportionally increasing quantities.

Sound & Quartz massage at Preidlhof

ritual conducted on a warm therapeutic treatment bed with heated quartz sand and it relies on deep vibrations resonating from bells or a gong played by the therapist

Sound bath

A deeply meditative experience where you immerse yourself if sounds such as gongs. 

Sound Theraphy

With the power of sound this therapy will act on the human organism, harmonizing it energetically helping to awaken the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical power.


A very high intensity cardio and leg workout. 


A test to diagnose and monitor different lung conditions (such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pulmonary fibrosis) by measuring how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath. Spirometry test is carried out by using a device called “spirometer”, which is a small machine attached by a cable to a mouthpiece.

Spirometry SHA

Evaluation of the condition of the lung function. Especially suitable for smokers, to measure the degree of injury.

Suntory ritual

Body and spirit purification in the traditional Japanese hinoki wood tub Ofuro,accompanied by Cha no yu, the ancient ritual of tea.

Swedish Massage

A massage which stimulates circulation, releases tight muscles an helps to flush the circulatory system.