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Wellness Glossary


Icoone SHA

A treatment that combines mechanical massage, laser thermal effects and LED energy. Ideal for those looking to achieve more luminous skin, increase skin elasticity and compactness, decreasing surgery scars and stretch marks.

Image consultation

Enhance the image, highlight strengths, all consistent with one's style of reference. For who? To those who are approaching this path for the first time and want to enhance their image. To those who want to feel more at ease and  confident.

Indian head massage

Acupressure massage used on head, face, neck and shoulders. 

Indian head massage

Based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this massage treatment is received in a seated position to relieve tension and blockages from your shoulders, neck, back and scalp. Using deep thumb and finger pressure, you will experience improved circulation to the head, the release of emotional and physical tension, and an enhanced state of relaxation and mental clarity.

Indiba treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic

This treatment works by re-balancing your cellular metabolism, which translates into more compact and younger-looking tissues. It improves microcirculation, as well as reduces swelling, fatty deposits and flabbiness. 

Infra red sauna

This type of Sauna is good for lowering lactic acid level in the body. It also stimulates endorphins (happy hormones) and kills bacteria and parasites. 

Infra red sauna at Kamalaya

Far Infrared Therapy provides deeply penetrating heat while maintaining a comfortable air temperature of 42-45 degrees Celsius. Use of the Far Infrared Sauna has many therapeutic benefits; it stimulates circulation and boosts immunity, increases metabolism and the burning of calories, and promotes detoxification to purify the body. It may also reduce heavy metal accumulation. Far Infrared Therapy deep-cleanses the skin, reduces cellulite, and slows down the ageing process because it promotes skin cell regeneration and unburdens the body of toxins. Various skin conditions may be treated and joint or muscular inflammation reduced. The Far Infrared Sauna promotes deep muscle relaxation to banish tension and stress and a feeling of wellbeing is achieved. Please arrive at Wellness Reception with sufficient time before this treatment to drink the necessary water for hydration purposes. The cold plunge pool should be avoided immediately after this treatment.

Infrared sauna

A type of sauna that uses light to create heat. The sauna allows your body to sweat and release toxins. 

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapies give you the boost your body needs as quickly and efficiently as possible, bypassing the digestive process. Following a personalised medical prescription, we use them to quickly and effectively make up for deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In this way it is possible to rehydrate your body, detoxify important body systems, increase the body's antioxidant capacity, boost your immune system, regenerate cellular health and ultimately optimise your health and well-being.

Integrated healing massage at Preidlhof

Highly personalised sessions will include different ancient healing methods as per your needs 

Integrative Nutrition Consultation

Through an integrative approach focused on the gastro intestinal system, we aim to identify and prevent imbalances that may lead to the occurrence of inflammatory or pathological processes. The aim of the consultation is to provide tools through nutrition in order to attenuate gastro intestinal discomfort and consequently optimise health and quality of life.

Intravenous laser therapy

offered at SHA

It works by applying laser light directly into the bloodstream thanks to an optical fibre that is introduced into the vascular light through a special catheter.

The laser light stimulates the blood cells due to the activation of photosensitive receptors present at an intracellular level thanks to the action of photons, thus triggering numerous positive biological effects.

“This therapy provides energy, strength and endurance, reduces pain and inflammation, significantly improves general day-to-day performance, regulates sleeping and waking behaviour and stabilises mood,

IV Therapy

IV therapy involves the dripping of specially formulated infusion fluids directly into the bloodstream at a controlled rate. Our highly trained nurses will connect the drip to your vein, which is quick and painless, while you are comfortably seated and relaxed. Our potent infusions provide powerful benefits from boosting brainpower, metabolism, energy levels and immunity to reversing the signs of ageing and sleep enhancement. The duration of the therapy depends on your body’s state and condition, but it will typically require a minimum of 90 minutes. Some IV therapies can be done in less time, while others take longer.

Iyashi Dome

This state of the art technology burns up to 600 kcal in just a 30 minute session. The mechanism is through a deep body detox through sweating to eliminate toxins and heavy metals allowing the body’s metabolism to return to peak efficiency. Effective for those wanting to slim, regenerate their cells for an anti-aging treatment including the face or for sports preparation and recovery.


Purifying, regenerating and slimming is the basis of this cutting-edge technology, which with just 30 minutes of session, allows you to burn up to 600kcal. Its action is done through long infrared rays of organic plant origin, which allows the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals.