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Wellness Glossary


Indian head massage

Acupressure massage used on head, face, neck and shoulders. 

Indiba treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic

Non-invasive radio frequency treatment that rebalances the cell interaction, as a result the oxygen's flow between cells is improved, the micro-circulation is reset and the skin is rejuvenated. When applied for facial purposes, it diminishes wrinkles, improves dark circles appearance and puffiness under the eyes, and redefines a round face by firming and toning the skin. When applied to the body, it shapes the silhouette, reduces cellulite, stretch marks and sagging, smoothes and firms the skin. When used as a therapeutic effect eases the pain, reduces the inflammation and gives an overall feeling of well-being.

Available at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Infrared sauna

A type of sauna that uses light to create heat. The sauna allows your body to sweat and release toxins. 

Intravenous laser therapy

offered at SHA

It works by applying laser light directly into the bloodstream thanks to an optical fibre that is introduced into the vascular light through a special catheter.

The laser light stimulates the blood cells due to the activation of photosensitive receptors present at an intracellular level thanks to the action of photons, thus triggering numerous positive biological effects.

“This therapy provides energy, strength and endurance, reduces pain and inflammation, significantly improves general day-to-day performance, regulates sleeping and waking behaviour and stabilises mood,

Iyashi Dome

This state of the art technology burns up to 600 kcal in just a 30 minute session. The mechanism is through a deep body detox through sweating to eliminate toxins and heavy metals allowing the body’s metabolism to return to peak efficiency. Effective for those wanting to slim, regenerate their cells for an anti-aging treatment including the face or for sports preparation and recovery.