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Wellness Glossary



A treatment done in a steam room. The therapist usually massages and washes you. 

Hatha Yoga

A slower and more gentle yoga style which is great for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed style where you hold poses for longer. 

Hawaiian Healing Session at Preidlhof

Extraordinary experience inspired by ancient massage and medicine where love and breath become healing tools. An engaging massage that can increase awareness, loosen psycho-physical tensions, and infuse the body and mind with new possibilities through breathing, movement and energy touch. Choreography, music and original products make the massage unforgettable.

Health and wellness consultation at Zulal

Consultant will advise you on the most suitable wellness treatments for you and will prepare your personalised programme of wellness treatments and therapies based on your conversation 

Heart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a specialized session which measures the body’s energy efficiency. It detects one’s own HRV and describes the dynamic rhythm of the heart.

Herbal heat compress

This treatment uses heated bags containing Thai herbs & plant extracts to clean and purify the body. “Luk Pra Kob” as it is traditionally known is believed to help eliminate toxins and alleviate chronic pain in the muscles & joints. To be taken in conjunction with our Absolute Thai Stretch, Absolute Swedish Retreat & Absolute Pressure Point Massages, the mixture of massage plus the hot herbal compress will help to open the skin’s pores, redirect vital energy, detoxify the body, relaxes the muscles and soothes tension spots. 

Herbal Sachets Massage at Longevity

Massage with a warm effect and a mixture of medicinal herbs with a relaxing and invigoratingeffect for the body and mind


 Hidrojet - restores energy, vitality and tonifies the body.


High-intensity interval training burns lots of calories. It involves high-intensity workouts putting your body in anaerobic mode, whilst strengthening and working muscles and the cardio system.

Holistic Acupressure Facial

The fruit of a collaboration between our Thai medicine practitioner and cranio-sacral therapist, this deeply relaxing treatment uses traditional Thai meridian principles to slow down a hyperactive mind and restore inner calm. The face is gently prepared with coconut oil before acupressure points on the face, neck and ears are stimulated using fingertips and heated herbal compresses packed with nourishing Thai medicinal powders. The massage technique promotes lymphatic drainage for a detoxing effect that leaves you with a clear head, radiant glow and a soothed soul.

Holistic Fitness Evaluation

A personal health & fitness evaluation can provide valuable feedback to help you set and define your wellness goals. One of our fitness professionals will measure your aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and other key holistic fitness markers. This important data helps us provide you with a personalised program that ensures you gain the maximum benefit from your exercise and fitness sessions. The initial evaluation also includes a bespoke exercise prescription, so please wear suitable exercise attire.


Based on the principle ‘Let Like be Cured with Like’, homeopathy uses minute doses of a substance to stimulate the body’s vital force. This gentle yet powerful ancient healing art allows the body to balance and heal itself instead of fighting or suppressing symptoms. Prescribing a constitutional or ‘complete’ remedy can bring profound changes in acute or chronic ailments of a physical, mental or emotional nature. Physical, mental, and emotional thoughts and feelings are discussed including fears, dreams, and aggravating and ameliorating factors. Acute or ‘first-aid’ homeopathic prescriptions are also available. These are easy to use, and safe and effective for children, the elderly, pregnant or breast feeding women, and even animals. They are also safe to use with other medications or herbal preparations.

Hot stone massage

A massage which uses smooth, heated stones. 

Hot Yoga

Yoga which is performed in hot and humid conditions. 

HPM training

A personal training session related to mobility, flexibility, posture, movement dynamics, reactivity, stability, strenght and functionality of the core and the spine. This is strongly suggested after having done the HPM Biomechanical assessment that is advised for everybody (for sportsmen of all levels as well as for people who want to undertake a recovery path towards physical activity).

Huber Motion

This device makes it possible to improve physical capacities in record time, while managing 90% of pathologies that usually require conventional rehabilitation.

Hydro Jet at Palace Merano

It is the last and third phase of hydro-energy treatments: a jet of water on the body, directed with precision, restores energy and vitality. Benefits: tones and firms the body

Hydro-aromatherapy at Palace Merano

It is a particular hydromassage technique with the addition of essential oils and mother tinctures. The variations in temperature and pressure of the water, in addition to the action of plant extracts, act on the vasodilation or vasoconstriction of the capillaries. It guarantees a fundamental benefit for the capillaries and peripheral blood circulation. Draining and detoxifying effect. It helps eliminate toxins and fats deposited in the tissues. Stimulating and toning effect, to strengthen natural physiological functions, to counteract and protect from damage caused by aging.


In the final hydro-energetic treatment, a pressure-jet adds a powerful cooling action to the thermal stimulus, tones and firms the skin, and improves peripheral circulation to restore energy.

Hydroaromatherapy SHA

Hydromassage tub with essential oils - the oils soak into the body through the heat of the water and have soothing and purifying effects.


Treatments using water either in underwater massage, jet blitz, showers or mineral baths. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Before a guest undergoes hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Kamalaya’s medical team will examine the guest’s physical condition. During the treatment, the guest will be assisted into the hyperbaric chamber, where the guest will lie wearing an oxygen mask, while 93 – 97% pure oxygen is released and the atmospheric pressure is increased to greater than normal. Inside the chamber, the guests can adjust their posture and position so that they are comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.

The therapy session lasts between 75-90 minutes and the number of recommended HBOT sessions depends on the purpose of the treatment and how well the patient responds to the therapy. When the session is complete, the chamber is slowly depressurised to normal atmospheric pressure before the guest can exit the chamber. This treatment is not suitable for those with claustrophob


‘Hypoxi’ is a natural body shaping technique consisting of; Dermologie, S120, L250 and Vacunant. The body type determines which equipment is used. 

  • Dermologie makes the skin more flexible and therefore strong through small, continuous skin movements. 
  • S120 is used for women with pear-shaped bodies; you sit and cycle and whilst cycling the combination of pressure and vacuum is used to work on blood circulation, drain liquid and fatty acids in the body. 
  • L250 is similar to S120 but used for these who prefer to lie down and exercise in a comfortable position. 
  • Vacunant is used by men and women with apple-shaped bodies, you walk on a treadmill while pressure and vacuum are applied to the body. 

Hypoxic training

High altitude therapy for cell training and improvement of energy production