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Wellness Glossary



A treatment done in a steam room. The therapist usually massages and washes you. 

Hatha Yoga

A slower and more gentle yoga style which is great for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed style where you hold poses for longer. 

Hawaiian Healing Session at Preidlhof

Extraordinary experience inspired by ancient massage and medicine where love and breath become healing tools. An engaging massage that can increase awareness, loosen psycho-physical tensions, and infuse the body and mind with new possibilities through breathing, movement and energy touch. Choreography, music and original products make the massage unforgettable.

Heart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a specialized session which measures the body’s energy efficiency. It detects one’s own HRV and describes the dynamic rhythm of the heart.


 Hidrojet - restores energy, vitality and tonifies the body.


High-intensity interval training burns lots of calories. It involves high-intensity workouts putting your body in anaerobic mode, whilst strengthening and working muscles and the cardio system.

Hot stone massage

A massage which uses smooth, heated stones. 

Hot Yoga

Yoga which is performed in hot and humid conditions. 

Hydroaromatherapy SHA

Hydromassage tub with essential oils - the oils soak into the body through the heat of the water and have soothing and purifying effects.


Treatments using water either in underwater massage, jet blitz, showers or mineral baths. 


‘Hypoxi’ is a natural body shaping technique consisting of; Dermologie, S120, L250 and Vacunant. The body type determines which equipment is used. 

  • Dermologie makes the skin more flexible and therefore strong through small, continuous skin movements. 
  • S120 is used for women with pear-shaped bodies; you sit and cycle and whilst cycling the combination of pressure and vacuum is used to work on blood circulation, drain liquid and fatty acids in the body. 
  • L250 is similar to S120 but used for these who prefer to lie down and exercise in a comfortable position. 
  • Vacunant is used by men and women with apple-shaped bodies, you walk on a treadmill while pressure and vacuum are applied to the body. 

Hypoxic training

High altitude therapy for cell training and improvement of energy production