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Wellness Glossary


Zen Shiatsu session at Preidlhof

A session with Andrea Martinelli, an experienced shiatsu expert who chose the Master method to create his personalised healing session: it can be strong and dynamic, or gentle and more meditative. The aim is to effect an emotional transformation through meridians to reach the source of any disharmony. The treatment is performed on a futon wearing comfortable clothes.


ZENDOS® relaxes as much as it softens all muscles in the back and pelvis area. It promotes both physical and mental recovery.

Zest session at Preidlhof

The Spa Therapist will carefully curate a selection of the finest mud, scrub, and massage oil tai- lored to your daily needs, crafting a truly personalized experience. Each session encompasses a sensorial body scrub, a beneficial mud wrap or mud massage, and a body aroma massage. Additionally, there is the option to book a standalone thermal bath with concentrated mixtures of essential oils, and the ratio of the various steps will be adjusted based on the selected products. 

The cosmetic scrubs include jasmine, chocolate, fruits, Mediterranean, or Alpine varieties. For the mud treatment, you can choose from therapeutic volcanic, slimming, or detoxing options, either partial or total, while with the massage oils, there are aromatherapy, color-therapy, or Ayurve- da-based products. The skills, experience, and nurturing touch of our selected Therapists will infuse your day with a newfound zest for life.


A fitness exercise created by a Columbian dancer. It involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music.