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Wellness Glossary


Oleaster body treatment with olive oil

Elasticizing treatment that begins with a body peeling, followed by a massage with vegetable butters enriched with Palazzo di Varignana olive oil, for a softer and more toned skin, ideal to fight skin blemishes as stretch marks

Orange Blossom Relaxing Massage

Orange blossom essential oil is good for your mental relaxation. In addition to smelling sweet, it is also used to help with anxiety, nervousness and stress. The relaxing effect it has on the mind also helps slow down heart palpitations and can even help with insomnia.

Oriental herbal detoxifying body scrub and wrap

Oriental herbs are used to gently exfoliate the body in order to improve overall circulation. This is followed by an invigorating body wrap using Thai White Mud, which has long been used by Thai women for cleansing and brightening the skin. The addition of aromatic Thai herbs, each specially selected for its beauty and health-enhancing properties, warms and stimulates the body to enhance circulation. This treatment is recommended for water retention, sluggish circulation, muscular problems and detoxification.

Oriental Therapy

They deduce poor health to be due to the result of blocked energy that flows through the fourteen meridians – or sections – of the body. Intensive therapies are then used to correct or balance its flow. These therapies address a wide variety of issues including chronic pain and migraines, immune enhancement, disease prevention, dependence on medicines, anxiety, depression, health maintenance and rehabilitation. 

Osteopathy Session

Holistic and natural therapy combining a series of manipulative techniques focused on the causes of the problems and complaints, not the symptoms, with the aim of reducing pain and promote health and wellness, by rebalancing the body and stimulating its own self-healing mechanisms. The osteopathic manipulative treatment, improves the body’s ability to regain normal function, restores balance, produces no side effects and generates a fast and safe therapeutic response, providing relief or elimination of pain and restoring an optimal level of homeostasis.

Ozone Therapies

Ozone is a powerful antioxidant, analgesic, detoxifier and an important activator of the immune system. Introduced into the bloodstream it helps to activate and stimulate cells, fighting inflammatory and infectious processes present in our body.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is done through autohemotherapy by drawing from your blood, mixing it with medical-grade oxygen that is exposed to UV light creating O3 bonds and reinjecting it into your bloodstream. The treatment is completely safe and painless and is supervised by our in-house medical team, while highly trained medical nurses administer an activated form of oxygen. The nurse will be present throughout the treatment to ensure guests are comfortable. One session may last 60-90 minutes depending on your overall health and physical condition.

Ozone Therapy

An ozone treatment to boost vitality and energy and to provide an intense sensation of well-being, while rejuvenating the body, boosting the immune system and providing numerous health benefits. It consists in applying ozone to the body, either intramuscularly, intravenous or rectally, and has powerful, long-lasting antioxidant, revitalising, regenerating and immune system modulating effects. The therapy strengthens the body's defenses and the oxygen transport in the blood bodies is optimized