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Wellness Glossary


Chenot Method (Henri Chenot)

Chenot Method is a tried and tested form of detox combining treatments and diet established by Henri Chenot. The aim is to prevent the body from bad toxins, premature aging and aid longevity. The treatments, which are a combination of classical Chinese medicine and the latest scientific advances in western medicine, help to activate energy channels and stimulate physical functions. This in turn restores balance in the body. Ultimately, the aim is to expel toxins from the body, so the organs can perform better. 

Chi Nei Tsang

A holistic treatment where the abdomen is warmed with oil and massage strokes. 

Colon hydrotherapy

A therapy which removes toxins by inserting water into the rectum. 

Core Suspend

Exercise performed suspended off the ground. 


A treatment which uses sub-zero temperatures to treat illness and skin conditions. It involves freezing a certain area of the body with liquid nutrogen. 


A traditional Chinese therapy which uses warm cups to stimulate energy flow by place them on the skin of the meridan line.