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Wellness Glossary


Aroma & Psycho-Aroma massage & Olfactory test

An olfactory test provides insights into potentially dormant talents that may be awakened through scent during the massage in Preidlhof’s Garden Spa. A vial of the personalized scent is provided to take home.

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA).

To determine the water percentage, fat content and muscle mass of your body.

Dual-therapy at Villa Stephanie

Here two therapists simultaneously apply impulses, both via reflex zones and movement patterns, to correct disorders in the individual organism

Heart ultrasound and stress ECG at Villa Stephanie

Ultrasound of the heart and analysis of the cardiovascular system

Osteokos session

Effective techniques from osteopathy to normalize, activate and harmonize tissues and circulatory structures (bloodstream, lymphatic, nervous, vegetative) as well as skin and connective tissues 


Through mobilization by special exercises and targeted training we remove any blockages and change the entire range of motion