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Wellness Glossary


Deep Calm Massage

A time capsule for quiet harmony and tranquil energy. Experience a range of healing touches drawn from centuries of wisdom to help you recover from daily challenges. Targeting the meridian energy system, the Thai Sip Sen Massage discovers and unblocks areas of trapped energy that manifest in physical and/or emotional pain. The aroma of Malabar Grass melts tensions away while Sweet Orange and Vetiver help to create inner peace. Blue ginger inspires self- connection and renewal.   

Deep Sea at Preidlhof

Sound and colour, the two new frontiers of wellness combine in this masterpiece of technology and creativity to relax and inspire body and mind. Created by a visionary audiologist, you are enveloped in the light of 12,500 LEDs immersed in sounds and colours as you journey in the mind through the universe or the sea. Instils a deep state of relaxation.

Deep Sea massage

A sensorial and inspiring Thai-inspired massage is given on a futon creating a synergy between sound, colors and gentle movements to increase awareness, creative flow, and inner attunement.

Deep sea room at Preidlhof

Deep Sea, an award-winning technological innovation, unique in the world of its kind, is a space unto itself in the heart of the wellness center, Italy. Created in every detail by Daniel Lathan, vi-sionary and original audiologist and creative genius with an incredible back-ground; to create this room he suspended himself in time and space im-mersed in the room for weeks, built sound players, isolated the room, float-ing in it, fused its knowledge in psychology, meditation, creativity, relaxa-tion, design, personal development in one marvel.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep pressured massage aimed at releasing muscle tension. 

Dhanyamla Dhara

Warm, herbal liquid is poured over the body in rhythmic movements.

Dolomitic sleep ritual

Professional treatment blending neuroscience, bodywork, and the healing effects of products from the local Dolomite mountains. Enjoyable and relaxing, this gentle massage for the front part of the body and the face uses a mix of cream and oil, a special background music, pressure points, mobilizations, and light strokes to provide a deep sensation of peace that help to improve the quality of night sleep.


The 3 main doshas used in Ayurvedic Medicine are: Vata (combination of space and air elements), Pitta (analogous to the fire element) and Kapha (combination of water and earth elements).