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Wellness Glossary


Face Evaluation

A personalised consultation that allows the skin type to be assessed taking into consideration the characteristics of the hydrolipidic film, resistance, phototype and age of the skin, where these can be evaluated through a visual or tactile examination or by means of specific devices.


A treatment for the face which uses exfoliation, peels, face masks and massage. 

Facial Yoga treatment

Facial Yoga brings smoothness, beauty, balance and vibrancy to your face. Sacred Lotus, combats the effects of ageing while Marine extracts increase inner moisture. Deep sculpting Youth Booster massage stimulates blood circulation thereby oxygenating and nourishing the tissues, plumping up the skin and smoothing away wrinkles. Skin is toned, lively and radiant. 

Fit body Massage

For better performances. Designed to encourage blood flow, stretching muscles and easing joins, this stimulating massage conditions the body for better performances, in the same manner, a warm-up would do. Thai therapeutic massage and pure plant essential oils are synergistically assisting your body in improved recovery. 

Fitomudtherapy SHA

 Fitomudtherapy - pleasant seaweed wrap with draining, detoxifying and revitalizing effects. 

Five - the Mobility Parcour

Here, in contrast to the classical stretching, a simultaneous strength load of the muscles is required. This stimulus causes the muscle to learn a new movement pattern and to return to its original length

Five Elements Balancing Treatment

Different people associate more closely with different elements according to their physical and psychological patterns. We determine imbalances in your dominant element and use different bodywork techniques, rhythms and pressures to create harmony and flow on a physical and emotional level.


A therapy where you lie back in a bath of water that cushions you in weightless buoyancy. It can be either in a closed tank or open pool. It's a great way to releve stress, aches and pains. 

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a Japanese practice and is a process of relaxation. It is being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch

Forest Wisdom at Preidlhof

Receive a cleansing and inspiring ritual with burned herbs, flowers and resins specifically collect- ed for you by Irmgard Mossmair following local traditions and enhanced by the innate wisdom and mystic touch of this enchanting lady; Irmgard is a certified herbalist and mountain expert who lives in total harmony with the woods.

Four-handed massage

Feels like you are experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. This massage is done by two therapists at the same time. 

Fresh leg treatment with pomegranite

Refreshing and elasticizing treatment based on pomegranate extract produced by Palazzo di Varignana dedicated to the legs. The microgranules of the pomegranate give firmness and brightness to the skin, thanks to a leg bandage with moisturizing properties and enriched with the polyphenols of the Palazzo di Varignana wine. Ideal for combating the feeling of heavy legs.