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Healthy Nutrition at SHA Wellness Clinic

Confused about nutrition and looking for a wellness holiday to get to grips with healthy eating once and for all? Step forward SHA in Spain! Its ‘SHA Method’ was created to help guests make long-lasting changes to their health via a healthy and well-balanced diet to:

  • Boost the immune system 
  • Improve the digestive system and  keep weight down 
  • Balance the circulation and  lymphatic system 
  • Decrease emotional inflexibility 
  • Encourage deep and restoring sleep

SHA nutrition is alkaline, energising  and well-balanced and its nutritional composition and dimension have  been taken into consideration. It’s based on the traditional Mediterranean diet which is considered one of the healthiest and most advanced in the world. In addition, it has Oriental influences which are based on the ancient principle of balancing ying and yan. Combined with the latest in contemporary cooking, it creates an  easy, practical and appealing variety always respectful of what nature has to offer. This is then adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual. 

How it works: 

  1. Initial consultation to assess your  diet and habits. You are given a personalised diet plan. 
  2.  You follow one of the 3 menus: Kushi (to lose weight/cleanse your body), Biolight (to learn to take more care of yourself) or SHA (healthy but with a more ‘gourmet’ approach). These are combined with medicinal teas.
  3. You have follow-ups throughout your stay to check progress and make necessary adjustments. 
  4. You are given a health plan at the end of your stay to continue once home. 

You’ll be encouraged to be physically active every day too – walking in the fresh air or using the Hydrotherapy Circuit and you can attend the SHA Academy for workshops on cooking and relaxing, meditation etc. 

What you can expect: 

  • A more stable and optimistic state  of mind 
  • Increased energy, vitality and stamina 
  • Improved memory and less psychological stress 

Feel inspired? Call 020 3735 7555 to book your SHA programme. 

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