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Dr Carlo Barbieri, Classical Chinese Medicine Expert at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, has a particular interest in wellness from plants and shares with us the Benefits of Phytotherapy:

Dr Praveen Nair is the Ayurveda Doctor at the beautiful Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa in Mauritius. The spa here is strongly influenced by Indian philosophy with a number of Eastern-influenced treatments including Ayurvedic therapies alongside traditional Western ones. Dr Nair gives us a personal insight into Ayurveda so take a read - all very fascinating indeed!


We asked nutritionist, Vicky Turrell, to share her expertise on what you should be getting enough of as a vegetarian. Vegetarian diets can be incredibly healthy as well as being good for the planet. More of the good stuff likefibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and less of the bad things that are sadly part of the over-farmed animal food chain.


Jacqueline Hurst is a trailblazing ‘mind’ expert, knowledgeable public speaker and ground-breaking life coach who has helped thousands of people through their issues. She shares her favourite pieces of advice below and says ‘the journey, of course, never stops and along this journey of life, there are many signs that can help us along the way. All you have to do is be open to them’.


Do you suffer from bloating? Help is at hand! We asked Naturopath nutritional therapist Rose Chamberlain to share her expertise:

In my clinical experience, bloating is one of the most common complaints. The cause can be linked to many different factors but most of the time it is related to food intolerances and dysbiosis (imbalance between the ratio of good bacteria vs bad bacteria in our gut).

Neil Shah, Chief De-Stressing Officer at The Stress Management Society, offers some helpful tips for lowering stress in order to get great quality sleep. Sleep, like water and food, is vital for the maintenance of physical and mental health. People deprived of sleep exhibit symptoms such as mood swings, lack of concentration and irritability — so are therefore prime candidates for stress. And while oversleeping can make you feel tired and fatigued, getting less than you need reduces your ability to cope with stress.


Energy Boost Breakfasts - get your day off to a glorious start!

Rebecca Hirst is a nutrition coach, TEDx speaker and founder of Glorious Wellness. She shares her tips for glorious breakfasts:

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I’d happily eat it three times a day. I love it because it hints at the promise of good things ahead, a day filled with as yet unknown adventures. Especially on holiday, when breakfast is likely to be a more leisurely affair.


We asked Hayley Newton, a renowned Healer based in London, to share with us what healing is all about.

What exactly is healing?

Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person — mind, body and spirit. It’s a holistic approach - it believes that our whole being is interconnected and you must therefore treat the whole, not individual parts.


Dr Stephanie Goodwin is a GP and a leading hormones expert with the menopause as a speciality.

As I started to approach the menopause, as did many of my patients, I realised that my knowledge around the subject was a bit patchy! So I took it upon myself to learn and train with the British Menopause Society. I’m so glad I did. After all, as a doctor, the only condition that all of my female patients will experience is the menopause. That’s a lot of women.

Stella Photi, Founder & Managing Director, Wellbeing Escapes, is a meditation devotee. She says "I have been meditating on and off for over 20 years now. Over the years, I have learned that this is my most valuable tool to keep me grounded, to put everything in perspective and to even allow my body to relax. It has now become a part of my daily routine and something I just don't compromise on as I have seen the benefits. Here are my 3 Top Tips around starting a meditation practice:

We recently met Ruby Taylor from Native Hands who runs Wild Pottery & Wild Basktry courses (in Sussex woodland) which piqued our interest as we'd never heard of the concept. We asked her to explain more and she has kindly done so below. Prepare to be inspired!

Have you ever wondered what it is that those people who always seem to be happy have in common? What characteristics or habits do they share - and how can you get them? Online and in books, a thousand gurus offer their own ways for you to find happiness. But how do we know which of them works? The scientific method is probably best. We have seen an upsurge in scientific studies on positive psychology and the science of happiness or, to put it simply, discovering what makes happy people happy.


It’s only natural to feel a little apprehensive about going on holiday by yourself but, we promise you, once you’ve done it once, there will be just no stopping you in the future. It could be that you are single, your partner or friends can’t get the same time off or you need some ‘me-time’. In fact, a wellness holiday is a good idea as you follow a programme so will be interacting with others every day and most certainly won’t be by yourself unless you want to take yourself off for some peace and quiet. They often have sharing tables too so if you are feeling sociable at mealtimes, you can join fellow guests and have a good old yak about your stay!

We absolutely ADORE Sen Wellness in Sri Lanka and think it's a very special place. If you are looking to head off on a yoga holiday or want somewhere to truly clear your mind, then we can't recommend it highly enough. Meditation is also high on the agenda here and we promise you that you will feel totally at one with yourself by the time you leave. Read our TOP 5 reasons to book our wellbeing programme and if you have any questions, please call us on 020 3735 7555and we can tell you more about it!


Marion Finlayson is a true inspiration to us all at Wellbeing Escapes - she's a treasured client who at the impressive age of 84 is still off travelling, living life to the full and enjoying rejuvenating spa breaks. Plus she also models - how cool and glamorous is that?! She's just got back from Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda in Italy and shares with us below her thoughts on her stay plus we've asked her a few 'life' questions too because hey, she's a very inspiring lady! And it just goes to prove that you are NEVER too late to take care of your wellbeing

Mel Mitchley is a private chef who first developed her passion for cooking whilst at university and then went on to train at Leiths School of Food and Wine and the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. We all think of only celebrities having a private chef but in fact Mel has many clients who are just 'normal folk'. Below, she shares a typical 'Day in my life' - all very inspiring and if you live in or near London, we're pretty sure you'll soon be in contact with her!

The detox programmes at Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa are second-to-none and the experts there have kindly shared below what a juice detox actually involves:

We know that travelling can be very stressful and our aim is to keep you relaxed and healthy so that you arrive at your destination fully ready to enjoy your wellbeing escape to the max. So that you can get the most out of your well deserved break we have prepared some handy guides and tips to help you prepare.


  • Take a look at the 'Know Before You Go' document sent with your confirmation details - we've put together specific, useful details on your destination
  • Double-check that your passport is up-to-date with at least 6 months still to run beyond your return date


  • Think about the activities that you will be doing and what clothing you’ll need. For example, you may be in and out of fitness classes so a few sets of exercise clothes will save you having to keep washing them or you may be using therapy pools a lot so a couple of swimsuits will be better than one!T

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