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Simone's Visit to Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel

First Impressions

I was immediately made to feel welcome by my transfer driver, who was patiently waiting for my delayed flight. As the transfer is an hour, I was relieved I had lots of space and bottles of water in the car. I was introduced to the ladies at check in who gave me two keys and a rundown of the eateries along with their opening times. I was told the main restaurant, poolside café & bar and Club Palasiet, their fish restaurant, were all under my full board options. The reception lobby is beautifully light with cultural statues, flowers and well-placed displays. Here you can purchase the local olive oil which is featured in all of their dishes.  

The Room

My room was huge! I was shocked by how much space I had despite their being a king size bed, sofa, arm chair and large balcony with 2 garden chairs and a lounger. I stayed in a Superior Deluxe Room but the hotel offers a variation of these. Some are slightly smaller and the one I had was big enough for 2 adults and 2 children. Everything was neutral whites and beiges and absolutely spotless. I couldn’t fathom how the cleaners keep the light fabrics so clean! The shower room was spacious with a bidet and on the neatly made bed was a welcome bag. This is offered to all guests on our programmes and consists of a big spa bag, slippers, water bottle and robe. Also laid out was a welcome letter, treatment itinerary and hotel details. I went looking around the standard doubles and suites and their all the same, the main difference is the size along with whether direct sea view or a slightly lateral one.

Nutritionist Consultation

Irene will explain to you how she can help simply and clearly. It isn't a high tech operation and she asks the right questions without judgement. She doesn’t work by picking and choosing what she thinks would be good for someone but asks them what they want to achieve and how they would like to get there. She uses that information to map out a plan. The full body composition results cleared up a lot of what I already knew about my body, which proved her point about asking clients what they’re currently feeling and how they would like to feel. We all have an innate ability to tap into the things we need, she just helps you get there. We decided I would go on both the weight loss and detox diet, so I knew the differences. She explained it’s all about simply healthy meals of protiene and vegtables / salad and portion size doesn’t matter. She also said that if you cheat, they’ll know! Not only will the waiter already have your room number but they’ll also send a message in the hotel WhatsApp group!

Doctors Consultation

Mar is the resident GP, the only doctor who works there and is available 6 days a week Monday-Saturday, so if you arrive late on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll see her on the Monday. If it’s within your programme she’ll take your blood tests, which arrive back a few days later, and have a chat with you about what it is you want to achieve. She goes through the treatments to make sure you’re comfortable with them and will swap out any she doesn’t think are suitable for you. She can talk you through the varying ways thalassotherapy can help you and let you know the best facilities to use. One important thing to note about all of the consultants here is that they have an open door policy. They may have an appointment in their offices so gently knock or ask a receptionist but if you want to go and grab them for a chat, change food or treatment choices, they’re always around to help.

The Food

The food was outstanding! It was uncomplicated and extremely tasty. The poolside café offers heavier options such as healthy pasta, sandwiches, hams and desserts. If you’re on a diet plan you’ll only be going here for your twice daily snack of fruit or nuts. You can get some water, tea or coffee too. But beware, this is also a bar where beer and wine are often purchased. If you think you’ll be tempted, the team will deliver your snack wherever you want. There are plenty of decked and balcony areas surrounded by delecate flowers, red squirrels, quiet birds and comfty sofas or garden chairs. Luckily you’ll be spending most of your time in the main restaurant, which is strikingly and classically white. It’s like a huge conservatory with ceiling to ceiling windows over looking some greenery and the main infinity pool. There are always light options to choose from here too, even if you’re not on a diet. Carbs are very minimal, but the flavours are unmatched. On the weight loss plans you'll get a 3 course breakfast, 2 course lunch, 2 daily snacks and a two course dinner. On the detox you'll get a 2 course special breakfast, 2 course lunch, 2 daily snacks and 2 soups for dinner. 

Activities & Programme

My itinerary consisted of lots of relaxation, I didn’t partake in any fitness. I arrived in the afternoon on the first day with time for lunch and 2 treatments. With dinner to fit in and an early nights sleep that was jam packed enough for a first day. I’d suggest people look over their itinerary and get the class schedule straight away and swap over treatment times so you’re available for activities. The next day, I had my consultations, my diet plan was agreed and I followed a stress relieving journey of treatments, yoga and light classes. There aren’t any hardcore classes here, so see a PT if you want something more intense. Anybody who doesn’t know at lease some Spanish, private classes are a must. All of the classes are in Spanish. Mila, my yoga teacher, had great English and I nearly fell asleep in the Body Mindfulness class as we stretched and massaged our muscles with soft aids.

The Treatments

I had a circuit of the biomarine facilities, an ocean massage, cranoi-facial massage, detox facial, whirlpool bath with seaweed, a marine thermal massage, Algae wrap, Thalasso bath with essential oils and Thai massage. My favourite treatment was the cryofacial massage. Patricia, my therapist was great. The Thai massage consisted of stretching the whole body and I felt brilliant afterwards. The massage beds aren’t very big, but as a weight loss clinic just ask if you need a larger space. All of the treatments use essential oils along with sea based products.

Who is it good for?

This was my first ever Thalasso Clinic and I would say that for other newbies you’ll might find it’s very different to the average spa. You will constantly be submerged in sea water, every time water is used during a treatment or you’re swimming or there is a product being applied - it is going to be salty. This was super refreshing. However, it’s all about getting treatments that give results. It’s not about products that smell like roses or being treated like a princess. You will be salty, hot and sweaty. You will be stretched and pushed to relieve muscle tension. This is all part of losing the weight. The clientele is mostly Spanish between the ages of 35 and upwards. English isn't their first language and only some of the information is displayed in English. Enjoy!

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