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What is F.X Mayr Detox?

K. Matthias Rolle, Physician of F. X. Mayr Medicine and owner of the OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel - Tenerife, in an interview with Wellbeing Escapes about the power and benefits of F. X. Mayr Detox.

What are the origins of the Mayr detox programme?

The concept of the F. X. Mayr Detox programme is based on the observations of the Austrian physician Doctor Franz Xaver Mayr. This doctor had discovered the central role of the intestine in the treatment of his patients. By prescribing a combination of sparing, cleansing and training of the intestines, he was able to achieve impressive health successes and a lasting improvement in the quality of life. His approach is impressively confirmed by current scientific findings about the intestine.

What is special about the Mayr detox programme compared to other detox programmes?

The intestine is by far our most important detoxification organ. Only if it can fulfil its function correctly is a sustainable detoxification possible. This means, however, not necessarily a complete fasting. The F. X. Mayr doctor creates the basis by supporting and stimulating the intestine in its activity. The fasting metabolism, which is so decisive for all cell renewal, is not necessarily achieved by a zero fasting but by an individual diet adapted to the constitution of the patient. Basically, the detox programme according to F. X. Mayr includes cleansing of intestines and respiratory therapies which simultaneously stimulate intestinal motility, i.e. the activity of the intestines themselves.

Can anyone do the Mayr detox or are there contraindications?

The medical diagnosis at the beginning of a treatment is crucial to ensure that the intensity is optimally adjusted to the respective situation.

With the help of F. X. Mayr Medicine, excellent results can be achieved in all chronic diseases. A contraindication exists for acute phases or chemotherapeutic treatment of consuming diseases, i.e. cancer.

What are the main benefits which are felt after undergoing the Mayr detox?

Our intestine with its huge surface area is by far the most potent detoxification organ in our organism. As soon as the intestine is not hindered by stress or wrong eating habits, superfluous and harmful substances tend to be excreted. The observed weight loss is due to the reduction of excess fatty tissue and a normalisation of the water balance. After only a short time, we will feel more powerful mentally and physically during an F. X. Mayr cure.

Complaints such as those observed around hormone balances, for example during the menopause, are reduced and chronic pain is relieved. Of course, functional intestinal complaints in particular, which are widespread today, improve. In addition, the organs adjacent to the intestines, such as the lungs, heart, kidneys and uterus, are also relieved and thus healed very effectively. It is noticeable that the skin becomes particularly clean and smooth in the first few days of a cure after subsequent elimination processes. An intact intestine and its microbiome will produce more hormones that are needed for our sleep rhythm and mood. Therefore, we experience an increased joie de vivre after a detox period in the sense of Doctor F. X. Mayr.

How much weight loss should be expected?

The weight loss in pounds or kilos is actually secondary. If you want a formula from me then I would say between one kilo per day and one kilo per month, anything is possible and healthy.

It is crucial that a balanced metabolism together with a healthy lifestyle lead to a sustainable permanent weight normalisation.

What is the nutrition plan whilst on the Mayr detox?

The diet we always decide individually is a break of several hours between meals as well as a complete food leave after dinner for at least 14 hours. Whether a simple, chewing-promoting diet is preferred or a carefully cooked, wholefood diet depends on the constitution and constitution of the individual patient.

Why is silent eating a feature of the plan?

Chewing is the first step towards a good digestion of our food. To ensure that the saliva that initiates digestion can be produced in sufficient quantity, we should not speak while eating. In addition, a break after F. X. Mayr is a period of rest, and the desire to concentrate on food during the meal and enjoy the relaxation usually comes naturally. This also includes that distractions, for example in the form of mobile devices during meals, are taboo.

What exercise is advised whilst on the programme?

Rest and protection are the prerequisites for self-regulation and healing processes. We therefore recommend longer rest phases, especially at the beginning of the cure. Light movement in an anaerobic range supports detoxification and is an essential part of the programme.

Could you explain why castor oil packs and Epsom salts are a feature in the programme?

Omega triple oils in particular are essential for our health and are therefore also supplied during an F. X. Mayr cure via the diet, for example in the form of linseed or argan oil. Liver compresses are essential for the cure, but they should only be applied with a damp cloth. The increased blood circulation is our main detoxification organ, the liver, deepens the detoxification processes. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water or Bitter Salt soothes the mucous membranes of the intestines and in the right dosage helps to facilitate emptying.

Are there any side-effects or detox reactions whilst undergoing the programme?

All treatments are carried out with natural therapeutics. Side effects are therefore largely excluded. Excretion reactions may occur, as they do in withdrawal treatments, such as headaches. In this case, your F. X. Mayr doctor will provide quick and uncomplicated relief.

How frequently should the Mayr detox be carried out for maximum benefit?

The question here is not so much how often but above all how long. Like everything else in F. X. Mayr, the recommended length of a detox period depends on the patient's condition. As a rule of thumb, we recommend three weeks for a sustained cure. However, lasting success can be felt from ten days onwards. Traditionally, many patients repeat the cure annually. However, if the cure was only very short, it is often advisable to repeat it after a few months.

What is the aftercare after the Mayr detox? E.g. can usual diet and lifestyle resume straight after the programme

Our body always needs time and gentle transitions for recovery processes. We therefore recommend a gradual build-up after the cure. Depending on the individual circumstances, this takes place either at our clinic or at the patient's home. Although F. X. Mayr medicine is not a prescription on how to live. But a period of detoxification creates new habits which often enrich and improve everyday life.

What training do the Mayr doctors undergo?

F. X. Mayr doctors are fully licensed doctors with various specialisations. They are trained and certified by the International Society of Meyer Doctors in courses lasting several months.

What are the benefits of carrying out the Mayr programme at Oceano Health Spa?

The location of the Oceano Health Spa Hotel directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the Canary Islands means balanced mild temperatures throughout the year, which contribute considerably to a relaxed spa experience. In addition, the sea water, which is also used therapeutically, is an effective resource to support the detoxification processes during an F. X. Mayr cure. The F. X. Mayr therapy has a tradition of over 25 years and is carried out by experienced Mayr doctors under optimal conditions. Last but not least: from your room, from the F. X. Mayr Restaurant and from the large terrace of the clinic, the view always goes westwards to the Atlantic Ocean and gives wings to the soul.


F. X. Mayr Centre at the OCÉANO Hotel is a retreat for preventive medicine at the highest standard and has developed to one of the leading establishments within health-related tourism. It is integrated into the completely renovated OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel, in the green part of the island of Tenerife, far away from mass tourism. With its unique location in beautiful nature surrounded by mountains and sea, this is the perfect place for a deliberate break. The refuge directly on the Atlantic Ocean, which has been one of the leading Mayr centres in Europe since 1999, scores points not only for its renowned medical department and the wide range of treatments on offer with a newly designed restaurant exclusively for Mayr guests, but also for the needs of the fasting cure. In the powerful surroundings and the personal atmosphere of the newly designed hotel, it is easy to find peace and quiet and to switch off from everyday life to recharge your batteries for body, mind and soul.


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