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What is Hypoxi?

Hypoxi is a natural body shaping technique. It involves exercise and vacuum therapy methods with the aim to burn fat. It claims that you can drop one dress size in four days. Depending on your body type, there are four methods and the methods can last up to four hours per day.

1. Vacunant 

Designed for those who have problems with excess fat around their stomach and waist. While walking briskly on a treadmill, the parts located on the stomach area of the special suit you wear burns fats by working in low- and high-pressure modes. Fatty acids are gradually activated, muscles in the belly use the excess fats in this area as energy. It’s one of the healthiest cardio methods with pressure and vacuum support.

2. Trainer S120 

For the excess fats in the lower body, the muscles are exercised by cycling in a closed cabin and the blood flow speeds up with low- and high-pressure practice. It Removes fats from problematic areas. Low pressure: Vacuum and High pressure: Compression. The intended fat burn occurs and the blood flow in problematic areas speeds up. 


3. Trainer L250 

Specifically designed for those who want to do exercises in a comfortable position and prefer to lie down. The cycling therapy is done in a vertical position with the aim to benefit from both the pressure effect and gravity. While the muscles are exercised by cycling in a closed cabin, the blood flow is speeded up through the exertion of low and high-pressure. Thus, the removal of fats from problematic areas is facilitated.   It supports the weak vein, provides slimming starting from the hips and gets the legs in shape and it accelerates the removal of the tissue fluids from the body.  


4. Dermologie  

By exerting target specific and regular pressure and vacuum, it gives the skin elasticity as well as a smooth and clean look. In addition to its benefits for the skin, it offers a unique opportunity of relaxation and removes the fats that were activated by other devices with lymph drainage from the body. It tightens the skin and connective tissues, it gives the skin elasticity, accelerates the metabolism and activates the fat cells. It removes the fluids and toxins, it boosts the tissue metabolism and renews the skin.  

Want to try Hypoxi? 

Head to the award winning Richmond Nua Wellness Spa in Sapanca, Turkey. This adults only spa offers a 5 day Hypoxi Slimming programme.

Programme includes:

  • Body analysis at the start (second day morning before breakfast)
  • Body analysis at the end (last day morning before breakfast)
  • 2 Daily Hypoxi sessions for 4 days  
  • Daily morning hike  
  • General evaluation at the end of your stay  
  • Access to all spa facilities, wet area and gym  
  • Access to group activities  
  • Hypoxi Full board meals with 2 daily snacks (your stay will start with dinner on Day 1 and finish with breakfast on Day 6) 

Hypoxi contraindications:

• Under 18 years old and over 55 years old,

• Women who weigh 105 kilos and more/Men who weigh 115 kilos and more

• Ones who thigh circumference larger than 105 cm

• Ones who were in very strict diet programs in the last one month

• Pregnant women

• Ones who are in menstruation or recently experienced menopause periods

• Severe hypertension or hypotension

• Inflammations and infections

• Heart, blood circulation, vein problems

• Metabolism problems,

• In conditions where support to walk/move is needed

• Women who have breast implants minimum 2 months ago or who are breast feeding should not use the “Vacunaut” or “Dermologie” equipment.

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